Summer '19 is the summer I would love to accomplish a few goals for myself. Particularly, saving up for my college education, creating memories with my friends I haven't been in touch with lately, living in every moment as possible as I can and finally, having my best interest in everything I choose to do with my life. After two months, it'll be exciting to see the progress I have made with my family and friends, and myself as well before I head off for my second year of college.
1. Save Up

Hello, debt. That's right, I have debt and the only way to eliminate this annoying fact is by working and saving up during my summer days. This is my first summer I can have a full-time job without any interruptions. I'm pretty excited but I'm also dreading the thought of working. I don't know if it is just me, but I love to see those big paychecks roll in, but I wish I didn't actually have to attend work. However, let's be real, I have to work hard in order to play hard. My main priority is to save up, but a girl has her needs and wants, so I will have to make a little extra to satisfy those desires. This summer is the summer to earn those big bucks and to save me from the future hopefully.

2. Create Memories

This is the time for me to act like a kid and to cherish being young. I'm finally back with all of my high school friends who I haven't seen in a hot minute. This summer I can create new memories with them before we head back to stuffing our heads into our studies again. I can't wait for the adventures to come with my friends this summer. Those late-night shenanigans and road trips to unknown locations. The moments where the windows are down, and my friends and I are belting out the words to our favorite songs. Catching some rays by the pool, on a deck or a sandy beach might be the move with my friends. Possibly, eating Happy Joes' pizza that I haven't had access to in the last 10 months. Maybe this summer I can check a few things off my bucket list. Lately, I've learned that I have to live for every second I have with my favorite people in my life and to not take a moment for granted. Thanks to that, I will create memories while living for all of the adventures this summer.

3. Relish in the Moment

Who knows how many summers I have left in Dubuque? Next year I could have an internship somewhere away from Dubuque or even the state of Iowa. If so, I need to cherish the time I have with my friends and family, specifically my family before the time is gone. The older I get the farther I may move away from my parents and siblings. So, this summer hits me hard because I need to enjoy the times my father bugs me to get dirty with him and running countless errands with my mother. After the 88 days are up, I am back in Ames for another 10 months while being three hours away from my loved ones. I will not constantly see their faces or hear their voices like I will this summer. Because of this, I am going to relish every single day I have with my family.

4. Self-Care

It's important to not lose myself in the chaos of reality, instead, I deserve to focus on myself. I have to do what is best for myself and who I would like to be at the end of the day. In doing so, I will take time out of my schedule for myself and only myself. I will try to eat healthy but then again, I always seem to say it but never do it; you'll probably catch me in line at Chick-fil-a. I will try to continue to stay active, particularly going for a run with a friend or riding bicycles with my parents. Even kicking back with a bag of goldfish and binge watching my favorite shows can be beneficial for myself. I can't forget about online shopping. Shopping is the best way to ease the stress of life. A new top or shoe here and there is always a lovely, satisfying feeling. Sometimes I just have to put myself over others. This summer, things will be done for me with the interest and focus on me.