5 Style Icons That You Need To Follow In 2019
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5 Style Icons That You Need To Follow in 2019

The New Year is coming in hot and at the rate that fashion trends are coming and going, trust me, you're going to need some help.

5 Style Icons That You Need To Follow in 2019

This past year has been quite the roller coaster. The fashion industry, and of course just life in general, have both had their highs and lows this year. Biker shorts, fanny packs, and dad sneakers took off this year, starting with celebrities and making their way to the streets. Fashion is about taking risks and getting out of your comfort zone, but with the rate that trends are changing, it's hard to keep up with the industry's expectations and to feel comfortable and confident doing so. However, with the help and guidance of social media influencers, this overwhelming task can become a piece of cake. Pro Tip: Turning on post notifications will give you instant access to the trends that are sweeping the nation, and to give you a head start when it comes to upping your fashion game. So without further ado, here are 5 style icons that you need to follow going into the new year.

Romee Strijd

Let me just start off by saying that there is nothing this woman can promote that I won't buy in to. Romee Strijd, a Victoria's Secret Angel from the Netherlands, not only rules the runway but she also is in the running for some of the best off-duty styles in the modeling industry. A queen of baker boy hats, dad sneakers, and just about anything else you can name, she wears it all. In addition to her daily Instagram posts and stories, she also has a YouTube channel where she shows BTS footage that will give you even more insight into how she styles her looks and how you can incorporate the latest trends into your everyday style. Following her is not only something that I recommend—but quite frankly it should also be one of your New Years' resolutions. You won't regret it.

Amanda Steele

Following this 19-year-old, self-made style icon is a must this coming year. After starting a YouTube channel back in 2010, almost a decade later now she has made herself out to be quite a relatable style icon of our generation. As she sports a unique style, combining bright colors with blacks to create depth and subtle vibrancy, these statement looks are everything you could ever ask for. Her edgy looks and relatively accessible and affordable outfits make her someone that any girl ballin' on a budget should look to for fashion advice and inspiration. Her regular posts and weekly YouTube videos and lookbooks are just what you'll need to stay on top of things in 2019.

Elsa Hosk

An absolute fashion icon lies before you on your screen. Elsa Hosk, a Swedish Victoria's Secret model, kills her street style with unique and edgy looks that take real confidence to pull off. Although her style isn't as affordable as some of the others' on this list, the inspiration that her looks give is just enough to keep you on trend for the new year. Neutrals and bold colors, minimalist and somewhat avant-garde, her style is everything you need to spice up your fashion game in 2019. Nevertheless, click that follow button and turn on her post notifications. You'll be swooning over her in no time. Check out some more affordable alternatives to some of the most iconic looks.

Kallie Kaiser

Here's yet another self-made style icon that you can obsess over. Rising YouTuber, Kallie Kaiser, made a platform for herself that has made herself an up and coming influencer over the last few years. She knows how to absolutely rock pastels and play around with all sorts of colors and trends, all while living on the semi-average college student's budget. As a student at Loyola, she knows how to stay on trend without breaking her bank account by shopping with affordable brands like Nasty Gal, Princess Polly, and more. Her cheery and fun looks never fail to brighten up my day and add every bit of color that we all need to add to our wardrobes. Following Kallie is an absolute style game changer. Click that button now if you know what's good for you.

Kelsey Simone

Guess what? Here's another YouTube style sensation. Kelsey Simone, like a few of the others listed above, has made a name for herself through her unique style that she shows via her channel. However, unlike the rest, Kelsey provides a different niche among the world of fashion: a complete and utter neutral aesthetic. Black, grey, beige, and white are about as far as her style goes on a regular basis, but through her use of accessories and shopping with affordable retailers, she takes a basic white T-shirt and jeans to a whole nother level. Her videos and Instagram feed provide all of the affordable trends that you'll need for 2019, providing you with all of the lookbooks and clothing hauls that you could ask for this Christmas. Follow and subscribe and I promise you, you'll be all set for the whatever the fashion industry throws our way this new year.

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