8 Struggles of the Makeup Obsessed Girl
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8 Struggles of the Makeup Obsessed Girl

From the diaper days to now, I have been obsessed with everything and anything that has to do with makeup.

8 Struggles of the Makeup Obsessed Girl
Kimberly Perrotta

1. Getting foundation on anything and everything that even slightly touches your face

When I say everything that your face comes in contact with I mean EVERYTHING. There is no avoiding the dreaded orange streaks on the inside of every shirt collar, the fancy white pillow in your living room, and all over your boyfriend’s clothes. No matter what expensive setting spray or primer that promises flawless makeup that will not budge a bit throughout the day, the risk of transfer is ever present.

2. Getting frustrated while trying to perfect your liner

Achieving the perfect winged eyeliner is the ultimate struggle. There are days where on the first try you will be blessed with a nice sharp line. On the contrary, there are also those days where you try so hard to make your wing even that you end up suddenly looking back up at a raccoon in the mirror. Sometimes it’s best to cut your losses, pull out a fresh makeup wipe, and just make it a fresh faced day.

3. Contouring your face without looking like an oompa loompa or muddy

Contouring can make or break a makeup look depending on the product or technique used to apply it. Through trial, error, and a couple of Youtube videos, Kim Kardashian esq contouring can be achieved at home.

4. Having a “bad eyelash week”

Trying to put on mascara and having to deal with eyelashes that decided to grow in all different directions is the worse situation. Instead of ending up with perfect curled and separated lashes, they end up looking something like tangled up spider legs.

5. Being told you take too long to get ready

Does it look like these cheekbones highlight themselves? Makeup time is zen time. If I have two hours to spare on my makeup, you better believe that it will be spent taking time to perfect my makeup for the day. Nothing prepares you more to take your day on by storm with the utmost confidence then a face of flawless makeup.

6. Spending way too much money on makeup

My bank account may hate me for spending $200 on makeup at Sephora, but when I get home I know I am about to have a field day trying everything out. To keep up with the obsession, any amount of money or sacrifice is worth it to me.

7. Overlining your lips without looking like you are wearing a lipstick mustache

Plump lips are one of the biggest trends in makeup now and many people are getting lip injections to achieve this look. Although this trend is popular right now, not everyone has the money to spend on the costly procedure. Overlining your lips with lipliner is an age old trick to give the illusion of full lips, but the result could be less than desirable if done incorrectly.

8. Being asked why you wear so much makeup

I completely understand that wearing makeup is not for everyone, but I do not think one should be judged for liking to wear it. Everyone has their own passion that makes them happy and makeup is no different. Society tells us that women wear makeup strictly to look better or impress others, but makeup is an art and much more than what society tells me it should be. Wearing makeup allows me to express myself and enhances my confidence.

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