To The 7 Strongest Women In My Life, Thank You
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To The 7 Strongest Women In My Life, Thank You

We all need a little girl power in our lives.

To The 7 Strongest Women In My Life, Thank You
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Women are everywhere. Literally. We make up about half of the world's population with roughly 3.73 billion females on this Earth to date. But among all these women, my life has been touched in particular by a select few. I'd like to take the time now to thank them for their positive impact upon my life as a young adult thus far.

To my high school French teacher:

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A big problem I encountered throughout high school was my perfectionism. I wanted every little thing in my life to go not well, but "correctly" - just as I had planned it out to be in my mind. If it didn't, it was a failure in my eyes. I came to you with anxieties about college, about relationships, about...well, everything that had to do with the things to come.

You always had a calm, collected manner of dealing with things. It was this confidence and coolness with which you handled conflict that inspired me. Your actions became a model. I tried my hardest to emulate your calm exterior when faced with difficulties or uncertainties. Of course, we both know that I didn't always succeed, but even when I wasn't able to keep my cool, you were there to talk me down and listen to the problem. You always had a logical solution available, whether we were talking about paying for college or balancing high school coursework or whatever the problem was. I appreciated and respected (and still do to this day) your ability to assess situations and find the best solutions, no matter what.

You taught me to not fear the future, but to embrace it.

To my high school Theory of Knowledge teacher:

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Accepting the fact that some people won't be amicable has always been difficult for me. I often found myself frustrated to no end over being the butt of the joke throughout high school. Because of your exceedingly positive influence, I came to acknowledge the true reason why people disliked me - my confidence in my own identity made them uncomfortable. They didn't know yet who they were, and they resented the fact that I did, so they took it out on me by attempting to dislodge my certainty in myself.

I learned more about spirituality in such a way that I had never experienced or investigated before. You opened a door to a whole new world of symbolism, inviting me to view the universe with a brand new perspective. You explained to me your beliefs enthusiastically, not expecting me to believe them, but to listen. I gladly did. We exchanged perspectives as friends regarding the spirit and energy of the universe, animal guides, and much more.

You taught me that I am a robin, and that I am able to take flight.

To my middle school geometry teacher:

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My middle school years were like those of most other pre-teens: awkward to the nth degree. You helped me break out of my shell long before a lot of others did. We spent a lot of time together, seeing as you were both my homeroom and geometry teacher. It was during these times that I learned a lot about important aspects of growing up. I've always been a little more mature than my peers, even as the youngest of the group.

Because of your guidance, both my maturity and understanding of the world around me skyrocketed. You challenged me to view everything with a critical but open-minded eye. Looking back, nearly five years later, you're still just as much of a teacher as you ever were.

You taught me to never stop learning.

To my favorite drum corps technician:

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You taught me everything I know about playing marimba. You taught me what Stevens rolls are, how to hold octaves in my hands, what front bump technique is, you name it. You took me under your wing on a hot Sunday morning in February of 2017, and I've been thriving under your teaching ever since. I definitely attribute a lot of my current ability to your help. You've always been willing to give feedback and demonstrate different concepts. You're one of the strictest but most effective and kindhearted instructors I've ever had.

You were and are a driving factor in not only my ability in the activity but also my love for the activity. You've always been an inspiration to me. Your talent, intelligence, passion, and of course "rule number nine" mentality make me want to continue moving on and facing whatever life throws at me with vigor and enthusiasm. On the days when I wanted nothing more than to give up and go home, you were there. You wouldn't let me give up because you were intent on teaching me that I am worth more than quitting.

You taught me to keep pushing, no matter what challenge I face.

To my grandmother:

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I've never really been the type to keep quiet about my opinions. A lot of my willingness to be open about my thoughts comes from your example. You've always been an arguer (not a bad thing!) through and through. You express your arguments clearly and rationally, and I respect that about you. Intelligence and good communication of ideas definitely came down the family line in this case. You never relent. You are unshakeable in your beliefs. I aim to be just as driven and dedicated in everything I believe.

You taught me to speak my mind and to be fearless about it.

To my best friend:

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It's been a hot minute since we first became friends. Four years have passed by in the blink of an eye, and I am so incredibly grateful that the universe put us together. We've been through our fair share of bulls**t at the hand of others, but we've always come out stronger than ever together. You've never once abandoned me. You've never left me alone to face challenges. You have been by my side since day one, and I can only hope I've been as good a friend to you as you have been to me.

In the darkest period of my life, I lost quite a few people close to me. You were never absent. You helped me through all of it. You helped me to cope. You made such sacrifices for our friendship that I could never hope to come close to repaying you. I sincerely appreciate your unwavering presence and support in my life, and I promise to always be the same positive influence in your life until the end of time. You're my best friend in the whole universe - because aliens exist.

You taught me that the best people will never leave my side.

To my mother:

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Of course, I saved the best for last.

You raised me to be the woman I am today. You taught me to be kind, honest, elegant, and so many other beautiful things. You taught me to love with all of my heart. You taught me to live with all of my soul. You taught me to be passionate in all that I do. You taught me how to argue effectively by prodding my arguments with devil's advocacy until I thought my head would explode. You taught me everything it means to be a fierce woman in today's world. You brought me up to be the best I can be. You taught me love, generosity, grace, open-mindedness; there's so much that I could continue on and on forever.

It's been seventeen years since you brought me into this world. In that short time, you've taught me more than I could ever have asked for. I know I'll keep learning so much from you, and for these lessons, I could never repay you. I can only hope to make you proud and to love you as much as you love me.

You taught me to be me with no regrets, no hesitation, and no fear - and Mama, I'll try my hardest until the day I die.

To the seven strongest women in my life, thank you for everything you've done for me. I would not be the woman I've grown up to be without each and every single one of you.

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