To The Sister Who Will Always Be My Role Model

My best friend by blood and by choice. Growing up only 11 months apart we had our share of fights and arguments and exchange of words that I cannot believe we could even think of at that age.

I have looked up to you all my life. In my eyes, your life was so perfect, always happy, with nothing weighing you down. Then I found out that all this time you have been dealing with depression and anxiety, for nearly all your life. The thing is... for me nothing was different. You're still my role model, the one person who is always there for me.

I want you to realize the heavy impact you have had on our family and all the people around you. No matter the situation you are always the first one I call, and I can always count on you to answer.

I have watched you become so much stronger over these past years, and through that, I have learned that there is nothing that is too big for you. The way you have handled the obstacles that have come your way has shown me how I want to handle difficulties in my life. You are not afraid to lean on the people around you and that is one of your most admirable traits.

I just wanted to thank you for taking care of me. When I never realized what you had going on, you continued to put others first and I never thanked you for that. Living four hours away is my least favorite thing, but I know you are only one phone call away.

Thank you for being you.

You're the strongest person I know, my best friend, my sister.

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