Sophomore Year College Confidential: Where Sophomores Are At
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Student Life

Sophomore Year College Confidential: Where Us Sophomores Are At

What this crazy semester brings to the table.

Sophomore Year College Confidential: Where Us Sophomores Are At
Pim Chu

I want to talk about college. It's currently the second semester of Sophomore year, and I know I always emphasize this, but I'm tired. We're just…tired. Spring semester just so happens to be the most difficult semester of each year of college, and this is the very semester where we have to spend doing internship search and making summer plans alongside the insane workload we have every single day.

This is the time where the clubs and organizations we are involved in on campus are extremely difficult to balance, but we still force ourselves to do our best because we love what we're involved in. We love who we have become over the past year and a half of college, and who we are becoming, and we do not want to give those traits up—ever.

The time where tears begin to make more of a presence, and where our Spotify playlists expand immensely as music is what we have, and need in the background of nearly everything we do in order to stay sane. It's the time where we can see our grades dropping, so we sacrifice even more of our sleep schedule to preventing that from happening. Where we drown ourselves in homework, activities, resumes, portfolios, and the nearest caffeinated beverage, as we have so much to do and such little energy.

The time where the crazy motivation we have each semester begins to decline some, but we allow caffeine to rescue us almost immediately. It's like we know the exact time each day when we need another caffeine fix, and find ourselves sitting at the drive-thru, waiting for out third macchiato of the day.

It's when water becomes the healthiest thing our body is intaking, and where our exercise is us running around nearly every hour of the day trying to get everything that needs to be done completed.

This is the semester where we're on the brink of insanity, but realize that summer comes before next semester, and remember just how much those beach days will all be worth the spring semester struggle. This is the semester where we persevere, and remember that we got through it last year, so we will do it again.

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