The Storm and The Field
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The Storm and The Field

A parable of weather

The Storm and The Field
Sean Heavey

The Field and The Storm
The Storm flew across the land. Wherever it went, wind and rain struck the land. Sometimes The Storm brought healing and other times it brought desolation. The creatures of the land, man and animal alike, welcomed and dreaded The Storm. It was the embodiment of power, wild and unpredictable, no force could calm it.
One day, The Storm passed over a large field. Torrents of rain lashed down upon the flat ground, “Surely I have shown my strength, there is no need to stay at this dull spot.”
But looking down at the land, The Storm saw that it had simply taken the onslaught as if nothing had happened. Perplexed, The Storm sent a strong wind seeing if it would have any effect.
Birds scattered and mice hid in their holes, but apart for the dancing of the grass, nothing happened. The Field sat peacefully once more.
“What is this place that it can defy my power?” The Storm thundered. “In cities and forests, trees fall and the houses break. How is it that such a humble patch of dirt withstands me?”
The Field sighed, “Brother, you may thunder all you wish, but I shall not change.”
Angered greatly by this, The Storm sent great flooding, unlike anything seen in that part of the world. The mice and worms had nowhere to flee and so they drowned. Some of the grass that had danced so mockingly in the wind became pulled from the ground, their shallow roots having nothing to cling to.
Thinking its work done, The Storm turned away.
“You are giving up already?” The Field mocked. “Surely the great Storm could bring change to a little field? Does the great Storm flee from a bit of dirt?”
The Storm circled around The Field, an angry mass of swirling clouds.” You foolish clod!” Bellowed The Storm. “Must you see annihilation? I have felled mountains and washed away islands. You on the other hand, are nothing. You are merely a speck insulting the air through which it floats.”
“Perhaps I am not as imposing as a mountain, maybe I lack the beauty of an island; however, I am stronger than such vain things.” Boasted the field,” Your floods killed the animals and washed away the grass, but the bodies will decay and make better soil for the grass that remains. As we speak, the floods subside. Soon I shall be completely restored and your frustration will have been fruitless. Am I the speck that mocks the place it lives in? Or are you simply a fool confronted with that which he does not understand?”
“Field you mock and boast, but you do not perceive your error. If the very land you are made of must be uprooted and scattered across the Earth, so be it. For you have made me appear foolish and mocked true power”
“True power you say?” The Field retorted. “If you possessed any strength worth mention, this would have been resolved long ago. But you insist that I should be laid to waste for simply existing without being harmed by your works. No, it is not actual power you possess, but simply pride grown beyond reason.”
“Field, you are surely one to speak of boasting. Not once have you said anything untainted by your smugness. Yes, you shall be destroyed. If not for your insolence, then for your lack of understanding”
“Storm, is it I who lacks knowledge? I have sat here for centuries; generations have lived and died while I persevered. I have faced the trials of time and death. I have seen the passing of seasons and the rising and falling of civilization. I have weathered the storms of ages long before your time, and now simply face another one, a foolish one at that.”
The skies grew black. All around the country, the winds of the world gathered, over that scruffy patch of land lighting flashed almost constantly, the thunder an endless roar. The grasses were scorched by lighting and buried with hail. No part of that country was spared from the devastation. As The Storm had boasted, houses crumbled and trees fell. The earth itself was tossed about, rocks and dirt thrown as a reckless child’s playthings. At the center of the tempest, The Storm glared down from a spinning eye of rage.
“Enough…” hissed a voice. “Do either of you realize how pointless your actions are? Can such wanton violence bring anything good?”
The Storm stilled, and The Field became silent. All around the land, the winds grew calm and survivors emerged from hiding, curious about the sudden calm.
The Sun continued. “This foolishness will bring about nothing except regret and embarrassment. Your follies do neither of you any credit. Storm, this violence was unnecessary you destroyed so much because you did not understand the land and became blinded by pride. Field, you taunted The Storm when you should have let it pass. This madness is on both of your heads. Because of your mutual disdain for each other the land and its creatures have been wiped out.
Neither The Storm, nor The Field could respond.
“I have lived a very long time, watching the chaos of your home. What I have learned from the foolishness of ages is that unless you understand that you are separate entities, each unique and infinitely complex; there will always be conflict. You have this little world to share, you must learn to live with each other and accept your differences; otherwise, all will perish.”
And so, The Storm moved onward continuing its endless journey. And The Field, after months, recovered. The animals eventually filled the land as they had before, and the humans began to rebuild from the rubble of their cities. The Storm and The Field swore to never bring about that level of destruction ever again, and there was peace once more.

The End

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