Stop Criticizing A Change In Opinion

As humans, we have the ability to communicate with one another using languages of our own making. Our sources of information are therefore abundant. We have online sites, social media, university, FaceTime, Youtube, and more. All of these platforms along with one on one communication and interaction allows us to discuss both silly and important matters.

When discussing personal opinions on topics, we all begin to speak our own minds, taking into account the information we have accumulated through the years and our own life experiences. But my life experience is very different from your life experiences. Therefore, if you pose an idea, or thought that I may not have considered before and it causes me to change my opinion on the topic, why is that an issue?

We are considered intelligent beings. Therefore, our ability to analyze information and come to a conclusion is vital to our survival, and adapting our opinion on a topic due to newly presented information is no different. We hear new information, we analyze, and come to a conclusion. Please stop criticizing an individual if this is what happens. If you are that individual, own up to the fact that your opinion has changed.

Don't be the person who acts like they believed that the whole time. Own it. Own the fact that you were able to look at new information and change your mind. But also, please don't just change your opinion to fit the crowd. Change it because you mean it because after hearing this new information you truly believe your opinion is incorrect.

To whoever is listening, LET THEM CHANGE THEIR MIND WITHOUT CRITICISM. Thank them for listening to you and genuinely taking a step back from their own opinion to try and understand yours, whatever it was, apparently it made an impact.

We change our minds, it's apart of life. Time to embrace it.

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