What I Learned During My Second Summer Working At America's Favorite Coffee Shop

This is my second summer coming home from UofSC; it is also my second summer at Starbucks.

I work/live in a vacation town during the summer. The beach is less than ten from my mom's house and my friends live even closer. It is strange to go home because I adapted so well to life in Columbia. I'm so used to going wherever at whatever time I saw fit. I'm also not used to working during the semester.

Since this is my second summer at Starbucks, I am very comfortable with it. I got my certified barista pin last summer (it makes me feel so official). I do have the occasional rude customer. Last week I got yelled at by a lady who was trying to steal from us. Yea, and I'm the "crazy" one. She even held her card out like she was going to pay, and then turned around with her coffee. I a, not the type of person to be like "hey! come back!" but thankfully my coworker was.

At Starbucks, it is crazy in the mornings. There are so many angry tourists, dude its just coffee. Our regulars are sweethearts though. I have this one fifth grader come in during the week and order a new thing on the Secret Menu each time. He is adorable, and it's so sweet how he and his mom get so excited to see me working. Considering I work almost every day, it is likely that I am there.

It is pretty slow in the afternoons which means we can try anything ourselves. Last week we made mango slushes, just to try something different. Some customers bring in weird orders, so we usually try those as well. Someone wanted a "Pina colada" from us, which was gross. It was pineapple, black tea, and coconut milk, without sweetener. It just felt like it was missing something, not just alcohol.

It is really nice that I get tips and free drinks there. I do work really hard and am nice to every customer, even the ones who yell at me. Honestly, its worth it. It is not a bad summer job. I meet a lot of interesting people while I work. Some customers want to chat for what seems like an hour. You get so used to talking to people all throughout your shift.

What is really my favorite is learning our regulars drinks. It makes people so happy. I am definitely a people pleaser. These nice customers help outweigh the wild ones. Working with my best friend is also AMAZING. We surprisingly can get a lot of work done together while working.

We do have people come in and want us to write stupid names on cups too. Like trying to get us to curse or call them some inside joke. No thanks, do not need that today. Like I'm not writing something nasty.

I definitely feel like it is one of the best summer jobs you can get, plus AC? Can't beat that in the 90 plus degree heat here!

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