I Stand With President Trump, Especially Against ISIS
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I Stand With President Trump, Especially Against ISIS

He eradicated ISIS's reign of terror and continues to protect freedom of speech. Being "offensive" doesn't matter in light of his successful presidency.

I Stand With President Trump, Especially Against ISIS
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Even leftists agree that President Trump has secured at least 20 groundbreaking deals since his 20 months in office. Recent, previous presidents pale in comparison, despite their alleged embodiment of American ideals like equality and affordable healthcare. President Trump—like every other President in history—didn't shy away from making countless promises. The key difference between him and his predecessors is that he actually delivered.

Don't misunderstand—President Trump can be outspoken and disrespectful. However, understanding the source can provide mature citizens with the correct outlook on our president. It's not okay to harass or belittle anyone, but there are laws and government authorities in place to protect vulnerable people—President Trump won't change that. You don't have to like him, he just has to do what's best for our nation. According to the Chicago Tribune,

"But when it comes to the real barometer of presidential truthfulness — keeping his promises — Trump is a paragon of honesty. For better or worse, since taking office, Trump has done exactly what he promised he would do" ("Trump Could Be," 2018).

President Trump succeeded in moving the U.S. Embassy to Israel, which provided even further security within the alliance between America and Israel. Not only did Trump solidify our alliance with Israel, but he didn't shy away from upsetting the Arab world, which is intent on capturing and destroying a peaceful Israel. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas commented on Trump's actions, calling it,

"A slap in the face" ("Why is the U.S. moving," 2018).

Trump didn't let this statement scare him. Strongly tied to his previous political move, Trump also pulled the United States out of the Iranian nuclear deal. This critical, decisive move ultimately protects us from unavoidable, unrecoverable terrorist attacks.

However, perhaps most notably, President Trump and the Trump administration have succeeded in crushing the head of ISIS, the most notoriously cruel terrorist group to target America. Holding power between Iraq and Syria, ISIS' power stretched over 17,500 square miles. ISIS brutally murdered gay men, Christians, Shiites, and countless Israelis. Thanks to President Trump, a U.S.-led multinational effort is responsible for,

"liberating nearly 8 million Iraqis and Syrians from ISIS's brutal rule and reducing its control of territory to approximately 1 percent of what it previously held" (Give Thanks That Isis Is Going," 2018).

To fully realize what this means for America, ISIS' reign of terror needs to be put into perspective. ISIS infiltrated American intelligence by imposing countless videos of brutal killings on our social media sites. ISIS committed unspeakable acts against women, children, and gay men.

Specifically, in January of 2015, ISIS slaughtered 13 young boys in Mosul. Their justification behind the genocide was the fact that the boys were watching a soccer game on TV. In addition to this, members of ISIS threw gay men off of buildings, accusing them of partaking in "homosexual activities" ("ISIS's Ten Most Extreme Acts," 2015).

In 2014, ISIS captured, raped, and sold Kurdish women into sexual slavery for $500-$43,000 per woman. The only exceptions were forced to marry ISIS soldiers or resorted to suicide. Similarly to planned parenthood, ISIS is also notorious for selling human body parts on the black market. The only difference is that ISIS harvests adult body parts from their own soldiers, as opposed to the discarded bodies of aborted babies.

Thankfully, there is hope. By September of 2018, the horrifying rule of ISIS had crumbled, and their power only encompassed 200 square miles—all thanks to President Trump's involvement in global affairs. Ambassador James Jeffrey, U.S. special envoy for Syrian Engagement, commented on Trump's achievement, stating,

"The fighting is continuing, and we hope that it will be over in a few months and that will be the last of ISIS's terrain that it holds in a quasi-conventional way. The enduring defeat means not simply smashing the last of ISIS's conventional military units holding terrain, but ensuring that ISIS doesn't immediately come back in sleeper cells, come back as an insurgent movement" (Give Thanks That Isis Is Going," 2018).

Heritage Foundation national-security scholar Jim Phillips also commented on Obama's ultimate failure in the process, saying,

"The Obama White House micromanaged the war against ISIS and did a poor job of it. Pentagon was forced to pull its punches because of tight political restrictions on the use of force. The Obama administration initially ruled out air strikes against ISIS-controlled oil fields and oil trucks carrying ISIS oil because of a fear of causing civilian casualties" (Give Thanks That Isis Is Going," 2018).

Obama's policy was responsible for establishing ISIS Earth's wealthiest terrorist group, oversupplied with petroleum revenues. Phillips continued, saying,

"President Trump deserves credit for removing counterproductive political restrictions on the U.S. military, escalating the air campaign, deploying U.S. advisers and special operations forces closer to the fighting, and accelerating the defeat of ISIS" (Give Thanks That Isis Is Going," 2018).

Jim Phillips described President Trump's legitimacy and qualifications as president in one powerful sentence. Although he may be brutally honest, occasionally disrespectful and blatantly offensive, I stand with President Trump.

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