Spring Is Finally Here And We're Enjoying These 10 Things

Spring Is Finally Here And We're All Enjoying These 10 Beautiful Things

Flowers are blooming and the sun is shining.

Unsplash via Meric Dagli

When winter finally decides to lay low for a bit, Spring shows up and makes all of us smile! This warmer weather is beautiful and we're all going to be enjoying these 10 things:

1. The flowers blooming. 

I mean there's really nothing like watching the trees and bushes start to bloom.

2. The birds chirping. 

We all love waking up in the morning and hearing the birds chirp, especially over a nice cup of coffee.

3. The updated wardrobe. 

We like the freeing feeling of not having to wear bulk winter coats anymore.

4. The sun doesn't go down until 7 PM. 

Motivation is a bit better and the days seem longer.

5. Spring Activities. 

Gardening. Fishing. Biking. Walking. Sitting out on the patio.

6. Fun foods. 

Popsicles. Cookouts. Sweet treats.

7. Rejuvenated Spirit. 

Many of us feel a sense of rejuvenation when the weather finally breaks. A New Years 2.0 if you will.

8. Sunshine and smiles. 

Nothing makes us smile more than a beautiful day!

9. Time spent with friends doing new activities. 

It's nice to break the routine of winter activities and go out and have some fun.

10.  The warm weather, of course! 

After months of cold, we're all ready for the warm, windows down kind of weather!

So get out there and enjoy our new season!

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