Alright, we all grew up on movies with a Disney-esque feel to them. We all know Spring Break is supposed to be the quintessential break of the year and the one where we're all partying on Daytona Beach or something. I've had girls on my hall planning spring break since the semester started.

But I must ask the question: is it really THAT important?

Of course, any time off from school is a good thing. But why has spring break become something akin to the "party break" and more importantly, why do a lot of people buy into it?

If you're at home like I am (as I'm writing this I should be preparing for an interview tomorrow... can we all say YIKES), I suggest you watch the Netflix documentary "Liberated." Not only does it take a dive into spring break party culture, but it also looks at how dangerous hookup culture can be. Even if you don't agree with some of the views presented in the documentary, it can still be an eye-opening experience that just may make you question whether or not those parties and music festivals are really worth it (on the other hand, I AM an introvert, so I may just be a tad bit biased).

Whether you're in another country, at the beaches, or sitting at home in the AC, please make sure to stay safe this spring break. The world can be a very scary place if you're not careful.