Spring Break for the Working Student
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Spring Break for the Working Student


Spring break is fast approaching and all your friends are excitedly talking about their plans to go to South Padre and party it up. Jealousy sets in. The bills on the kitchen counter continue to haunt your apartment, and you are stuck at home working.

Take a breath. You’re ahead of the curve.

Just think, after college, there will be no weeklong school free recess to mark the occasion of changing seasons. It’s not the end of the world. You are not only saving money, but you are saving yourself a nasty sunburn and a hangover. Not taking a spring break getaway doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your break.

Make it your goal to relax and decide how you want to use your free time during your break. Despite the depressing mental picture you have of yourself drooling on your desk in your cubicle while everyone else sips margaritas in Padre, you too will have some free time for margarita sipping and relaxation.

Be realistic with yourself. If your goal is to finish your twelve-page research paper, consider changing it. If you must, finish a few pages of your paper, but commit to some YOU time. Think of what’s relaxing to you, whether it is reading, sewing, bicycling, swimming or just veggin’ out in front of the TV. Make time for your hobbies. Set a goal to read a book that you have been dying to rip into or take time to accomplish some fun projects.

Here are a few inexpensive ideas for planning your break time around your work time:

Movie night: It is probably a given that if you’re home during spring break you will watch a few movies or binge-watch some of your favorite shows on Netflix. But you should also enjoy some flicks that will get you in the spring spirit. Give some of these movies a try:

Hot Tub Time Machine: Four friends (John Cusack, Clark Duke, Craig Robinson and Rob Corddry) looking to have some fun in a hot tub that turns out to be a time machine, taking them back to their younger days. From an adult perspective, they learn about their ‘80s selves and find ways to make their lives in the future more fulfilling. 

Euro Trip: Best friends Scott and Cooper (Scott Mechlowicz and Jacob Pitts) journey to Europe after their high school graduation to meet up with Scott’s pen pal. The pen pal turns out to be a hot girl who has fallen in love with him. They meet up with twins from their high school and journey through Europe on an adventure to find Scott’s love interest.

The Last American Virgin: An ‘80s film about a group of friends coming of age in high school. The movie chronicles their experiences with sex, drugs and partying. The plot is driven by Gary’s (Lawrence Monoson) love interest in Karen (Diane Franklin), and Gary’s shy romantic endeavors with Karen that ultimately cause a rivalry between the friends.

The Way Way Back: Duncan, (Liam James) is a shy fourteen-year-old loner who is forced on a summer trip with his mom and her boyfriend. After journeying to the vacation spot, he stumbles upon a water park. In his boredom, he asks the manager if he can work there for the summer. The manager (Sam Rockwell) befriends Duncan and helps him overcome some of his shyness to form new friendships. Meanwhile, Duncan’s mother (Toni Collete) and her boyfriend (Steve Carell) face relationship issues.

Adventureland: After graduating college, James’ (Jesse Eisenberg) parents cannot afford for him to attend school in New York as he had planned. He gets a job at a local amusement park for the summer to earn enough money to move to New York, where he falls in love with his coworker Emily (Kristen Stewart) and spends much of his summer learning lessons in adulthood. 

Treat yourself: Use some of that hard-earned money to treat yourself. Go get a haircut or buy a new read to improve your morale. Don’t stress about spending a few bucks on yourself either. You work hard, so bask in the glory of responsible adulthood.

Cultivate new friendships: Just because all your friends are out soaking up the rays all day on the beach doesn’t mean you are the only one staying home for the break. Ask someone from work-or a friend you haven’t seen in a while-to go out for a drink with you. Enjoy gossiping and discussing your mutual spring break-left-behind-angst.

Do something Pinteresting: Take a look at all those DIY projects you have pinned and find some blossoming new ideas. Go to the craft store and relish in the Pinteresty-goodness.

Enjoy the natural beauties of spring: Get some fresh air. Go camping, hiking, bicycling, running or whatever outdoor sport tickles your fancy. Pot some spring flowers to put in a window or porch. Go to a local state park or wildlife refuge. Outdoor activities are inexpensive, and a little time in the sun will get your mind reeling with the possibilities of spring.

Dance the night away: Go out to a club and release some of your pent-up energy (that you normally use on schoolwork), to take over the dance floor.

Road trip: Jump in the car on your weekend off and find some new places to explore. You don’t have to spend a bunch of money on gas or lodging. Stay in your great state and find museums you have never experienced or new shops and restaurants to enjoy.

Are you still fretting over your spring break plans? No matter what you do, enjoy the break from your normal routine and find ways to spice it up. You don’t have to blow money to have fun during your break, and you’re not the only student working to get ahead over the week off. So enjoy some homework-free relaxation that won’t break the bank.

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