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To My Pale Friends, Avoid The Tanning Bed Because Sunless Tanning Is The Way To Go

Orange, blotchy, creamsicle, and too expensive.

To My Pale Friends, Avoid The Tanning Bed Because Sunless Tanning Is The Way To Go

Orange, blotchy, creamsicle, too expensive, and even dumb. These are all things that you hear when you tell someone you are going to get a spray tan. Which was a possibility in the early 2000s.

Spray tans have come a long way since the start, new formulas and chemicals leave you with whichever bronzed shade you desire and are also longer lasting. As for the price, it is not too pricey for a membership, which is something that comes with the territory. Not only are you getting to tan to the perfect color you imagine, but it is also a much safer alternative.

Throughout the years,' salons, doctors, and even media have made it abundantly clear that tanning in beds is not safe. They have quite a few warnings over the effects that can happen long term and even short term. Wrinkles, lax skin, brown spots, as well as skin cancer are just a few of the reasons tanning beds are not the way to go. Since these impacts are made known so frequently many people turn to natural tanning instead.

What most people don't take into account how tanning with natural sunlight is just as harmful. What many people don't realize, unless you're naturally fair skinned, is you can burn doing just about anything, even a five-minute walk to class. Imagine what happens when you lay out on the beach or next to the pool for hours.

Not only can this cause cancer, but it leads to premature aging and wrinkling. So for those of you tanning for cosmetic reasons it actually does the opposite.

But, like anything, sunless tanning comes with a few downfalls. As I said before it isn't "break the bank" expensive, but it ranges anywhere from $30-$50 a month. With price also comes the "peeling" any pro spray tanner knows. Being that it isn't permanent, the tan comes off in different places at different times due to the friction the area of the skin deals with. This isn't too much of a big deal if you constantly get spray tans, but if you get once every couple of weeks it does leave you looking a little like a leopard if not taken care of properly. Just like anything though this can be taken into account and treated properly without too much notice of the different skin colors.

So next time you're thinking about getting some tanning oil and laying out in the blazing sun or hopping into a tanning bed, remember you can reach that same shade without damaging your skin and body.

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