21 Things You Can Relate To If You Grew Up In Sparta, NJ
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21 Things You Can Relate To If You Grew Up In Sparta, NJ

Good old Sparlem!

21 Things You Can Relate To If You Grew Up In Sparta, NJ

Growing up in Sparta is something that no one who lives outside of our little bubble will ever understand. Some of our best memories come from our times growing up in this small town in Northern NJ. Despite the fact that people often say "Oh you're from Sparta" in a rude way, we have endless amounts of pride for our hometown. Here are 21 things you can relate to only if you grew up in Sparta, New Jersey.

1. You either lived on Lake Mohawk or spent your childhood wishing you did

You either grew up extremely grateful that your house was located on the water or questioning your parents reasoning in buying a house off of Glen/West Mountain.

2. You had at least one conversation about how the middle school looks like a prison

But like seriously, am I the only one who sees it?

3. You found yourself amazed at how many pizza places there were in town

I mean, hey, at least there was never a shortage of places to eat.

4. You knew to go the speed limit on West Mountain and Glen Road (as well as when driving through Ogdensburg)

Because when it says 35 it means you go 30.

5. Your favorite thing about winter was the German Christmas Market

And if you took German in middle or high school you were ten times more excited than everyone else since it meant that you got to sing in front of the entire town.

6. If you went to SHS you had a strong hatred towards those at Pope John (and vise versa)

It's the rivalry that never dies.

7. You spent way too much time at the Rockaway Mall

Because despite the fact that you love your town, there's almost nothing to do in it.

8. You questioned why they would put a movie theater in the basement of a building

But like seriously, why?

9. You went to Seaside for prom weekend

What happens at Seaside stays at Seaside.

10. You have hiked the Glen way too many times to count

*blows up Instagram with endless pictures of the view from the top*

11. You spent senior skip day at the Rockefeller Tree Lighting

Because nearly freezing to death waiting for a bunch of lights on a tree to be turned on is better than sitting in class.

12. You took water wars very seriously

And numerous friendships were destroyed in the process.

13. You dreaded running a mile on the high school's state-of-the-art track

LOL. Don't even get me started.

14. You went on the haunted hay ride at Station Park regardless of how old you were

No, I don't care that everyone else here is in middle school and I'm a freshman in college.

15. You fought about what team was the best in middle school

#TeamRuby #TeamJade #TeamDiamond

16. You felt lost in a crowd of unfamiliar faces when both Helen Morgan and Alpine combined in 5th grade.

"Who are all you people?" -Patrick Star

17. You went sleigh riding down the middle school hill after a snow storm

Climbing back to the top was always a struggle.

18. You spent your weekends eating ice cream (or T-Hammys) from Alpine Creamery and walking the boardwalk

The boardwalk has seen many things from prom group pictures to awkard first dates.

19. You went on a trip with your friends to NYC at least once every few months

Because how could you not go when you're only a 45 minute drive away?

20. You wished that there were trips in high school to Philadelphia, Washington DC and Stokes State Forest

Take me back to when school was actually fun

21. You are proud to call yourself a Spartan

Once a Spartan, always a Spartan.

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