While Some South Louisiana Teachers Are Protesting For More Money, Others Like My Mom Are Losing Their Jobs

While Some South Louisiana Teachers Are Protesting For More Money, Others Like My Mom Are Losing Their Jobs

Baton Rouge area teachers want more money while St. Mary teachers just want a job.

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Recently in the news teachers have been doing fantastic things. Take Travis Brenda as a prime example. This Kentucky math teacher recently beat a Senate Majority Leader in the recent primary election. Granted, Brenda has no political experience (but neither did our current president).

Yet, in other parts of the country, teachers are in an uproar over their salaries. Many are demanding a raise. This may not seem like a huge deal, but in parts of this same state, many teachers are losing their jobs due to budget cuts.

4,000 teachers took a 16-question survey. In this survey, teachers said they were upset with more than just low pay such as lack of resources, poor facilities, student discipline, and parental involvement. Yes, Louisiana's public school teachers are paid less than the rest of the teachers of southern states. By over $1,000 actually. But while teachers in areas like Baton Rouge are fighting for a raise, a little over an hour south, teachers are fighting for a job.

In tiny St. Mary Parish, the school board's recent meeting deemed budget cuts a necessity. With these budget cuts, many programs within the area schools, as well as teachers are being removed from schools.

Who cares, you might ask. Well, that is an AMAZING question. My very own high school from which I graduated not even a month ago is a huge part of these budget cuts. Not only are teachers being "laid off" as part of the budget crisis, but many organizations are suffering as well. Recently Morgan City High School has lost coaches and teachers for the following programs and classes: Swim Team, Choir, Talented Voice, Baseball, and possibly Football.

Not so easy to say who cares now, right? Families are now put to the test as their income is cut due to lack of employment. This affects me in particular because these cuts are parish-wide and my own mother was cut from her teaching position. With two children, one of which is soon entering college, this is a HUGE deal. Along with normal bills and expenses, my family of four now relies on the income of one parent.

Of course, my mom will find another job, she's more than qualified, but that isn't the point. Teachers amongst the schools in Baton Rouge are simply fighting for MORE money. More income. Teachers in St. Mary Parish are fighting for just any money.

Please, don't take this for pity, we don't need it. But the next time you see in the news teachers are protesting and begging for more, imagine the ones who want what these same teachers already have.

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