It seems uncommon, but I had potentially the best freshman year ever. I made life long friends within the first week on campus, loved my classes, and made lasting relationships with faculty. Since freshman year came to a close, my large group of friends and I have had individually great summers. We all had jobs, internships, or study abroads where we made new friends, had great experiences, and changed just as much as we did from beginning to end of freshman year. While we have grown apart, none of us know yet, if we've grown together. On top of this, most of us are moving off campus thus moving farther apart. Am I nervous about all of these changes? Yes. Are my other friends also worried? Yes. Are we the only ones worried? No.

I have always been scared of change. In order to help with this, I've rooted myself in tradition and I've rooted my freshman year friends in the same. Bagels on Sunday, Ice Cream on Fridays, Bo's before a tailgate etc. are the things we look forward to as a friend group and know we'll continue to look forward to moving forward. Without little things to look forward to like daily or weekly traditions, I find myself getting wrapped up in the intensity of change. Whether you have a huge group of friends, two people you live with, or it's just "me myself and I," try to root yourself in little traditions. It will change your life while keeping things constant.