The 9 Stages Of The Sophomore Slump

The 9 Stages Of The Sophomore Slump

Sophomore year isn't anyone's cup of tea, but I guess we should enjoy college while we still can.


Just when you thought college was the time of your life, a reality that is sophomore year sneaks up on you and exposes you to the not so glamorous side of the college experience. Might as well make the best of it, we are only here for two more years.

1. Summer before fall of sophomore year 

You made it through freshman year, and it was fun, some of the most fun you NEVER want to have again. Part of you is excited for the fun to be had in the year ahead; however, you're still thinking about the major specific courses you're going to have to tackle in the upcoming semesters.

2. Realizing freshman year and sophomore year are totally different

Maximum work and minimal play? Sounds terrible... welcome to your sophomore year where syllabus week is a dead concept.

3. Forming unhealthy coping mechanisms

What better way to stay out of touch with reality than avoid it, right?

4. Mental breakdowns, mental breakdowns and more mental breakdowns

The pinnacle of the true college experience: mental breakdowns. The best part about them? Their timing, always impeccable. Just when you think things can't worse, they sure do.

5. When you have the time, but no longer the energy

Do you have the option to go out? Better get some coffee, because while you may finally have a night off school work, all you want to do is relax.

6. You're over the frats, but you certainly can't get into bars

The predicament of all predicaments... as a sophomore, where do you venture to on the weekends? God knows you aren't stumbling into a sweaty frat.

7. Watching those around you having fun

The only parties you're having these days are pity parties, and you're feeling nostalgia like never before for freshman year — or really any time that isn't this one.

8. Denial 

Enjoy pretending everything is fine? You've come to the right place. We're right there with ya, Ross.

9. Feeling older than you actually are, and hating it

Dinner at 2:30 doesn't sound half bad when you're in bed by 8.

Unfortunately, sophomore year is known for the infamous slumps. I have found a way to laugh about it all at this point... that is when I am not crying.

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