The Transition Between Freshman And Sophomore Year

I am now officially a sophomore in college and I am extremely sad to see all of the freshmen moving into the dorms. Don’t get me wrong, I am more than excited to be a sophomore and to live with my best friends but, I just don't think that it's the same as it was for me last year.

The thought about leaving my close group of high school friends last year was so sad and I did not want to live them at all. When the day finally came, my friends and I were trying to avoid the entire situation as we helped my friend pack up her car. We were talking and laughing like we usually did. But once the time came for my friends and I to go, we all burst our crying. It was completely different this year. We all did not meet up one last time before everyone left, which is very odd. I said my goodbyes to each of them when I randomly hung out with them. It was just not the same because we knew that we were all going back to a place that we loved and had another set group of friends. Of course I love my high school group of friends to death but it is just not the same as freshmen year. I think I might feel that way because we know that each of us is completely capable of independence and taking care of ourselves.

Looking back at myself, at this time last year, I was so confused and lost. I did not know what to expect at all and did not know who I was going to be friends with. Everything was just so new around me and exciting.

When my parents dropped me off in my dorm my freshmen year, I was not ready for them to leave. I just remember thinking that this time came up so fast and I wanted to be by their side every moment I could. Once they did leave, I felt proud of myself that I was now on my own but I knew that I would miss them. I did get homesick quickly and just wanted to be home in my bed. But now that I am a sophomore, I was ready for them to have my parents help me move in and then have them leave. I have not felt homesick one bit compared to last year.

Even though there is only one short year between freshmen and sophomore year, you do not realize how much you really do grow up as a person. As a freshman I felt like I was very young. But when I tell someone that I am now a sophomore in college, I feel grownup and I know what I am somewhat doing with my life. Seeing all of the freshmen moving into the dorms gets me excited for them. They are about to have the best year of his or her life and have no clue what they are in for.

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