As society advances forward, I can't help but notice where we are going terribly wrong. I believe that awareness of important issues people face is very important, but it seems as though we are only making things worse by hiding the realities of the world. Every time I turn around there is new censorship or a different media classic being shunned for a scene that gets too real.

I guess the thought process is understandable, you don't want it to happen, so hide it, right? But what influence does social media have on these matters by just simply broadcasting it? Was bullying not a thing before movies, did the word "no" mean more coming from a woman before a holiday song seemed to take it away? Did nobody make comments alluding to homophobia before stand up comedy? Oh, right, it was all there before. So again I question, what does forbidding comedy, classics, and entertainment from the public view do to solve these issues?

Logically speaking, I believe this method would actually create adverse effects. The spotlight on these issues through television and music actually allows people to connect to these things. It gives people an outlet to understand that they are not alone, that these are real-life issues that happen all around the world. It allows people to see the realities of things and for some think twice before they would have otherwise hurt somebody's feelings.

Bullying and homophobia are not going to vanish because kids growing up don't get to watch cartoons or listen to songs previous generations grew up with.

I understand the idea behind the action, but as a society, we need to do better. We need to focus more on the education on these things rather than hiding them from the world, removing the examples only eliminates the opportunity to grow from them. Being politically correct and mindful of what you joke about is important, but to try and clean the mass media of anything remotely negative is the wrong step.