So, The Eurovision Song Contest Is This Week

So, The Eurovision Song Contest Is This Week

AKA The Biggest International Music Contest


I won't get too much into the nitty-gritty details about Eurovision. After all, it's finals season and there's really no reason for you to get worked up over something there's probably never even heard of before. And for that matter, why should you even care? For Americans who've heard of Eurovision, it's very existence can be overwhelming to take in (as anyone who's ever been on Twitter during Eurovision week can attest to), but that shouldn't stop you from taking a few minutes of your day to learn about this silly contest.

If you don't know what Eurovision is then I'm terribly sorry - you're missing out on an amazing experience. It's like what American Idol was in 2004; it primarily exists as a source of humor and an opportunity for European nations to throw shade at each other via an unfair voting system. And the best part? The mediocre music.

Okay, not all of it is this bad. But a universally acknowledged rule about Eurovision is that the artists or audience should take the music seriously. At least that's been the rule up until now.

As of the last few years, the Eurovision Song Contest has been reworking its identity to become, well, a more serious contest. And that's how we've had some internally known favorites such as this gem:

And this:

These are among the few Eurovision songs that have received global attention (Salvador was even once invited to be on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon!) Honestly, just look at the similar videos list suggested by YouTube to get a feel of these songs.

So where can you watch this contest? Well, the grand finale (May 12th) will air on Logo TV. For those who don't have access to Logo, the finale will be streamed on YouTube and can be found the official Eurovision Song Contest website and wiwibloggs.

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