It's Not 'Liberal Hypocrisy' To Deny Service To Members Of The Trump Administration
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Denial Of Service Is Not 'Liberal Hypocrisy' If You're Actually Complicit In Discrimination

Honestly, that's a weak insult.

sarah sanders

The United States has been politically divided for centuries, but the division has been exacerbated by the election of President Donald Trump. In most cases, the divide is between liberals/Democrats and conservatives/Republicans. It extends to every issue, from gun control to evolution. To each side, something is usually the other side's fault.

Common arguments that liberals hear from conservatives are that we are "hypocrites" and " sensitive snowflakes." But many — not all — of them do not realize the nuances of the issues at hand.

Recently, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was kicked out of a restaurant, the Red Hen, in Virginia because she works for President Trump. Naturally, both liberals and conservatives went nuts, albeit for different reasons. Liberals cheered the restaurant, while conservatives criticized it in the media and posted bad Yelp reviews.

Some then came out and directed their anger at liberals, calling them hypocrites for complimenting the Red Hen. After all, liberals got angry about Memories Pizza, the pizzeria in Indiana that refused to cater or serve gay weddings.

The difference is that liberals are only throwing hate and anger toward people who hate or support the discrimination of minority groups.

Think about it. Where was the conservative outrage after the pizzeria debacle? It was non-existent. Instead, Memories received over $50,000 from supporters. Where is the Republican outrage now that the Supreme Court has gone against the Constitution and upheld the Muslim ban? Yet liberals are the ones "spreading hate."

That is not to say that each and every individual Republican or conservative is a bigot. But the simple fact is that they are still siding with racism, sexism and other prejudices. They're still supporting these things through inaction and by voting for those candidates. In other words, they're complicit.

That is why we liberals are so angry — because hate toward oppressed people is winning out. And no, conservative white women actually do NOT count as the oppressed.

Why is having empathy for people who are different from us considered so terrible?

Yes, ideally we would all band together to improve this country and move it forward. Sadly, that will probably never happen in this lifetime.

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