10 Times 'Saturday Night Live' Cast Members Couldn't Stop Laughing
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10 'SNL' Sketches So Funny The Cast Members Broke Character, And Yes, Stefon Is Here

This list has EVERYthing... Stefon, Debbie Downer, Jimmy Fallon in a hot tub...

10 'SNL' Sketches So Funny The Cast Members Broke Character, And Yes, Stefon Is Here

"Saturday Night Live" has been the king of primetime comedy television for decades now by achieving their goal of making audiences laugh across the country (and even the world). What's even funnier than their sketches, however, is when the cast members actually start laughing themselves.

When an SNL cast member "breaks character," it generally means that they find something so funny that they just can't keep it professional. Fans are known for loving when this happens, and cast members over the years have joked about SNL creator Lorne Michaels "loving it" when it does. Whether it's professional of them or not to actually break, everyone else enjoys it, so here is a list of some of my all-time favorite sketches where someone ultimately breaks.

Stefon performed by Bill Hader (2008 - present)

We have to start this list off with probably the most well-known character to break on SNL history. Stefon initially came on air for the first time in 2008 as the New York City correspondent for Seth Meyers during his stint on "Weekend Update" and became a hit with every sketch afterward. What makes the character so loveable among viewers? Hader reads Stefon's suggestions from a cue card on live TV, but he doesn't read them until he's on camera, causing Hader to break numerous times. You gotta love him.

"Debbie Downer: Disney World" (May 2004)

Debbie Downer is a character that SNL has made into a universally known term for someone who always brings the mood down. Where else would be the most inappropriate time to be down in the dumps other than Disney World? The random facts and stories that Debbie (played by Rachel Dratch) announces to the table are so hilarious that she makes the rest of the cast crack up, even making someone dab their tears with Mickey waffles. The "Happiest Place on Earth" has never been more unhappy, or hilarious.

Super Showcase Spokesmodels (February 2012)

Maya Rudolph and Kristen Wiig are two of the funniest ladies in comedy to come out of SNL, and this skit they have together is nothing short of hysterical. Their funny voices even make themselves (and Hader) break, but nothing beats the golf cart mistakenly driving through the set with Wiig in it. Gotta love live television!

Girlfriends Game Night (March 2018)

Another one with Hader! In this skit where Cecily Strong is married to a much older man, her friends try to be supportive during their game night. She soon reveals how she really wants to have kids, and long story short, they *do it* right on his automatic scooter in front of everyone. With Strong trying to not fall off the scooter while it's moving and also trying not to laugh, along with moving right into the furniture, this skit is nothing short of hysterical. SNL shouldn't work with automatic scooters or golf carts anymore.

Barnes and Nobles Firing (September 2013)

This classic skit of two work buddies being fired from well-known stores (played by Bobby Moynihan and Cecily Strong) never falls short of being super funny, but what makes this one particular time more amazing is how Kevin Hart is laughing to the point of tears toward the end. What is better than a comedian host even breaking?

The Californians: Stuart Has Cancer (April 2012)

Hader seems to be a pretty popular cast member who breaks- but we love it. In this classic SNL sketch focused on a Californian soap opera that revolves around bad accents, crazy drama and specific driving directions, it is super easy to want to laugh out loud. In the beginning, Hader can't seem to hold in his giggles and even causes Wiig to break a bit. For a title that isn't funny at all, this sketch proves otherwise.

Diner Lobster (April 2018)

In this recent sketch, SNL makes the good point that nobody does- or should- order lobster at a diner. Maybe it's my love for "Les Mis" or the fact that this joke is so true, but this sketch is literally one of my all-time favorites. When the camera pans to Pete Davidson laughing with the dramatic music playing, it's just perfect. Just remember this- never order lobster at a diner!

Garth and Kat: Mother's Day (May 2013)

This classic sketch of Fred Armisen and Kristen Wiig playing two friends who sing badly whilst wearing blonde wigs and colorful vests. The best part of this sketch is that it is completely improv (unrehearsed) and Wiig just follows Armisen in what he decides to do. This, of course, makes them break every time; we could never get enough of this.

"The Love-ahs with Barbara and Dave" (2001)

Another one of SNL's classic sketches features Rachel Dratch and Will Ferrell playing a very sexual couple in a jacuzzi, but this particular time proves to be one of their best. When Jimmy Fallon admitted in an interview that Ferrell kept rubbing his foot underneath the water on his, it couldn't help but make both of them laugh. Ferrell had barely broken character during his time on SNL, so this sketch proves to be one for the books.

"Close Encounter"... or Any Sketch with Ryan Gosling (December 2015)

I had to save the best actor to break for last- sorry, Hader! In this sketch where three hippies have made an alien encounter and are being questioned by the government, the hysterical dialogue from Kate McKinnon makes everyone break. Ryan Gosling, in particular, can't seem to hold in it at all sometimes and you can even hear him crack up off-camera. Ryan Gosling has proved to be one of the best SNL hosts ever because he can't help but break during almost every sketch he's in. Do yourself a favor and watch anything with him in it from SNL, and thank me later.

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