7 Sneaky-Good Podcasts You Should Check Out
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7 Sneaky-Good Podcasts You Should Check Out

Whether you've heard of them or not, these are podcasts you should check out.

7 Sneaky-Good Podcasts You Should Check Out

Podcasts have become one of the most popular mediums.

1. Marc Maron's WTF Podcast 


Once upon a time Marc Maron was a failed middle-aged comedian who spent decades struggling through crippling depression and failed personal relationships.

Then one day he started a podcast in his garage and not too long later he was talking with the President of the United States...IN HIS GARAGE...

Now a day's Maron's podcast is expected to

Fans might know Maron from his starring role in the Netflix series "Glow" and his IFC show "Maron" along with comedy specials like "Thinky Pain" and "Too Real." The later being the perfect mix of anxiety and gallows humor in the first year of Trump with the opening line being:


Maron's guests have gone from obscure comedians to big time celebrities and world figures. His show was one of the first podcast series to legitimize the podcasting industry. His conversations are real and down to earth, stripping down whatever mystique the guest has had and sitting down to have a real talk with Marc.

2. Pardon My Take


Love sports but sick and tired of it's coverage and analysis being saturated with politics, contrived personalities, non-sports related segments and trivial yet serious debates? The Barstool Sports Pardon My Take is perfect for you!

Pardon My Take is a show that does 3 episodes per week covering every major sporting event of the day without taking it too seriously. Their hosts, nicknamed Big Cat and PFT, have unbelievably good comedic chemistry and timing.

They somehow get the biggest names in sports to come on as a guest such as Dan Patick, Rachel Nichols, Dana White and...Blake Bortles!

Pardon My Take quite simply brings the fun back into sports!

3. The Last Podcast on The Left

I discovered this podcast when finding their epic four-part show on the wild life of Rasputin. But "The Last Podcast on The Left" not only takes a humorous look at infamous figures, but also go through and investigate famous crimes from any time in history.

They give weird but hilarious takes on some of the most intriguing and bizarre real-life stories in human history, and in the process have the listener learn more about the event or situation than they ever thought they could.

4. One of Us.Net

When I was in high school and college, I discover this incredibly hilarious movie review website called "Spill.com". It was basically four or five guys from Austin, Texas getting together and cracking unbelievable jokes about movies or anything in pop culture.

So it was to my devastation that the site was shut down in 2013 after being bought by Hollywood.com.

But in the ashes of Spill, rose two new movie review websites each founded by former Spill members, and OneOfUs.Net is one of them!

5. Double Toasted

The other site founded after Spill is called Double Toasted.com. Although it's not an official podcast, great content from the website can be found on Youtube or Soundcloud.

Both One of Us and Double Toasted are like Beatles solo artists in both creating amazing content and comedy while also having their own unique style. Both sites deserve mainstream success!

6. Cinema Sins

Another movie review podcast! Though no relation to Spill.com, Cinema Sins is still amazing in deconstructing movies and TV. They both have a podcast show and a Youtube channel. The concept is basically catching every sins of a big movie made, and they also do music videos!

Ok so basically I just like to listening to sports and movie shows!

7. The Art of Wrestling with Colt Cabana

...and wrestling!

Wrestling fans may only know this is as the podcast where former WWE superstar CM Punk infamously broke his silence on his abrupt departure from WWE in one of the most downloaded podcast episodes of all-time.

The Art of Wrestling podcast isn't actually about ex-wrestlers revealing dark secrets about the WWE, but basically current or former wrestlers chilling with Colt Cabana and talking about their life or career.

Colt Cabana never made it big in the WWE and is sadly known best for being CM Punk's best friend, but he is still a legend in the independent wrestling circuit, and once held the NWA championship, a title older than any WWE title.

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