Snapshots Of Gun Violence
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Snapshots Of Gun Violence

Perspectives from those affected by an unstoppable epidemic.

Snapshots Of Gun Violence

The atrocities of gun violence are far too common in our current society. The people most affected by these tragedies have had incomparable and unique experiences and reactions to their trauma. Below is an attempt at connecting with these people by writing from their perspective to try to understand what this sort of experience would be like. The views vary on political opinion and ideas about gun control, however the common message is that something must be done to end this epidemic. Enough is enough.

Emma Gonzalez: Student at Stoneman Douglas and leader of ‘March for our Lives’

Don’t think about all the people that told you your voice doesn’t matter because you are only one person. Don’t think about all the people who said you will never be able to organize a march because you are only a teenager. Don’t think about all the people who said you were too small, or too weak, or too dumb, or too ugly to do all of the incredible things that you have accomplished. Think about getting that call from Ellen Degeneres wanting to spread your message. Think about having Anderson Cooper reach out to your personal for an interview because of the intellect and integrity you have maintained during such a difficult time. Think about your friends, the victims, who will not be silenced because you are sparking a generation of young people who want, and demand, change. You are about to step on stage in front of millions of people and tell them why they are here to March for Our Lives. You are about to step on that stage and make a difference for millions of kids who are going to watch this speech forever. You are in Washington, D.C. at one of the biggest national rallies this country has ever organized. You did that, Emma, and you should be proud of that. It’s okay that you’re crying, and you’re going to cry when you stand confident and silent on that stage because that soundless moment will have more power than any combination of words you could have concocted. Be proud of yourself, because so many people are proud of you. Now fight for your life, before it’s somebody else’s job.

Dawn Hochsprung: Principal at Sandy Hook Elementary

When I woke up this morning I noticed that it was particularly cold. I drove to Sandy Hook Elementary School at around 7:50 am and was greeted by the janitors when I arrived. After checking my schedule I realized that I was late for the nine o’clock meeting I had planned with the administration members. I put on my suit jacket and walked out to the conference room. Halfway through discussing the budget plans for the new auditorium I heard what I thought were gunshots. People will tell you that I am a very gentle person, but in times of crisis I am the last person that would freeze. “LOCKDOWN. Gunshots fired. Stay put!” was what I feverishly demanded into the loud speaker before exiting the room. I ran towards the gunfire, desperately trying to stop the shooter from getting into the school. Fighting sheer terror I locked eyes with an expressionless juggernaut who had the malicious motive of destruction in his eyes. I pleaded with him to put the gun down but instantly felt a sharp pen in my leg as he opened fire on the place I had sworn to protect. I fell to the ground and noticed the blood pooling around me. I crawled into the main office and instructed the secretaries to escape out the window in my office. Crying was not an option, and I made the decision to go out fiercely with dignity. Paralyzed by the realization that my daughter would lose a Grandmother and Mother just a few months apart, I texted her how incomparably proud of her I would always be. I heard the monster outside the door and jammed myself against it. When I woke up this morning, I did not notice how cold it would be to feel bullets rain through the door as everything faded to white.

Andrew Pollack: Father of Florida victim Meadow Pollack

After leaving what I can only describe as the most traumatizing nightmare I will never wake up from, I got back to my house to pray for my stolen angel. I had the entire day frantically searching for my beautiful daughter Meadow. She was a senior at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School where a deranged lunatic took advantage of his opportunity to destroy her. What hurt nearly as much as losing her, was the backlash from thousands of parents around the country who had lambasted me because of what I was wearing while looking for my baby. I ran out of the house this morning in a “Trump 2020” shirt and a camo hat and shorts, praying that I would be reunited with an unharmed child. It did not occur to me that my attire would make me a national target for blame and shame because of my political beliefs. It is disgusting and cruel that my mourning has been interrupted by liberals who feel that it is my “fault that this happened” or “I should have seen this one coming because of who I voted for.” My opportunity to grieve and pray has been tarnished by the injustices of others trying to push their political agenda onto my tragedy. Being affected by this type of violence has opened my eyes to recognize that policy and change will be just as important as my thoughts and prayers; but laws can not bring back my innocent daughter and I should be excused from the audacity of these people who do not think I should be allowed to mourn. This loss may have changed my opinions on the sale of assault rifles, but it does not change my opinion that extreme leftists will have no mercy when given opportunities prove their points.

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