The summer is finally upon us, and that means more time outside! It's incredible to be able to swim, bike, run, boat, and play after a long winter indoors.

However, if you're going to spend time outside safely, it's important to take great care of your skin. Here are some key tips to help you stay looking young for many years to come!

Think Beyond the Face

Many people know they need to take care of their faces. They carefully wash, moisturize, and protect it from sun. That's great, but you need to have a bigger picture as well!

Your skin is the largest organ of your body, and it covers all of you. Don't just take great care of your face, take care of your back, shoulders, neck, arms, legs, and hands as well.

Use Lots of Moisturizer!

The idea of moisturizing your face when you feel sweaty may be counter-intuitive, but the heat and the sweat is drying out your skin. Be sure to use a non-oily, gel or water-based moisturizer with vitamin E.

Apply the moisturizer every day!

Drink Water

Being out in the sun often means getting dehydrated. Dehydration is bad for your entire body – you get a dry mouth, feel tired, and in extreme cases you can get very, very sick.

Dehydration is also terrible for your skin. When your skin doesn't have enough water, it produces additional oil to make up the difference. This oil is not only uncomfortable and unattractive, it can clog pores and cause a lot of problems.

Breakouts, irritation, and dry itchy patches aren't part of anyone's fun summer plans. Skip it all and drink plenty of water, especially when you're outside!

Keep Up Your Usual Skin Care Routine

Just because you're having tons of fun in the sun, it doesn't mean you can skimp on normal skincare. If you use retinol to minimize lines, keep it up! Don't skip out on normal washing, moisturizer, and SPF products either.

You'll want to exfoliate just like you do at other times of year, even if your skin feels oily. Removing the dead skin, dust, and dirt will help your face and the rest of your skin breathe easy and be naturally radiant.

Summer may be a good time to cut down on the amount of makeup you wear as well. A clean, natural look is fun, and it can be a lot more comfortable in the heat. It will also help your skin breathe and sweat more normally, avoiding breakouts and other issues.

Take Care of Your Skin Year Round

No matter what time of year it is, you've got to take great care of yourself! Your body is the only one you get, and an organ as large as your skin is vital to keep healthy.

Have fun this summer, but take care of yourself!