6 Things I Remember From Middle School
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6 Things I Remember From Middle School

Middle School Memories

6 Things I Remember From Middle School

We all remember our days in middle school---some of them sucked a** and some of them weren't all that shabby. I enjoyed most of my experiences, but there were some things that I look back at and think "sh*t, I wouldn't want my future employer, husband or kids to know that about me...." It wasn't anything bad or illegal, but it really just reveals my lame a** personality. Good thing college has stripped me of my shame about these things, so I'm over it now. So here are six memories that I remember very vividly from middle school.

1. That one time my mom bought me Skechers Shape Ups and forced me to wear them to school

If you don't know what those are, imagine humiliation on your feet. It started Christmas of 2011, when I opened up a box of Shape Ups thinking they would be something cool. Boy. Was. I. Wrong. Instantly, I looked up and I was like, "Mom, you really think I need these? But why??? I'm only 11!!!" She clearly she didn't give a sh*t, because she bought them for the rest of my family members as well. I made up my mind that I would never wear those horrid things, but alas! My mom's strict Asian-ness came out, and I was utterly f*cked. She forced me to wear them to school every day and people always made fun of me (yes, this was one of the worst experiences ever). The end.

2. I lied about knowing who Lady Gaga was

I never really listened to the radio, so I didn't know many artists. You could probably guess what happened after that. The conversation kind of went like, "Hey, have you heard of the song Just Dance?" and I was like "OMG, best song ever!!"---but really had no clue what it actually was. This person then started to interrogate me, to see if I really knew the song, like, "Oh really? Who sang it?" and "How does the song go?" Well, let me tell you. That is a really f*cked up thing to do to your peer when you're only 11. Of course, I didn't know who Lady Gaga was yet, but I know now!

3. I saw a dude eat his own booger and he looked right at me as he ate his snot snack

In middle school, I was a huge germaphobe and a hypochondriac. The smallest things made me cringe---for example, I felt that it was probably unsafe to be anywhere within a ten-foot radius of someone who was throwing up. So I avoided it as much as possible. Therefore, the fact that this guy did this act while we were making eye contact was abslutely disgusting to me, and the fact he was 11 and still eating them made me lose my shit. I went off on him and told on him to a teacher for gross misconduct, but I got in trouble for yelling at him instead of him getting in trouble for his heinous act. Not only was this humiliating, but it was also scarring---which is clear from the amount of detail I can recall about it.

4. The time I got kicked out of my music classroom for humming Ode to Joy

Yes, this really happened. Apparently, this teacher had enough of my annoyin' a**, and while I was humming this classic song, my teacher, we'll call him Mr. T, yelled at me and told me to "GET OUT!!" And, of course, my dumba** asked him if I should take my bookbag with me or not and he just yelled at me again. I tried really hard to swallow my tears, and I left without my bookbag so had nothing to do. So I hung out at the library and got in trouble for cutting class, and I got freakin' detention. They never even gave me a chance to explain and Mr. T was fake af and never admitted to him kicking me out of class, but, whatever, I'm not salty...anymore.

5. That one time I had finally gathered enough courage to ask a guy out

First and last time that ever happened. Worst experience EVER. The guy never got back to me and had one of his friends tell me that it wasn't going to happen. It was his own fault that he didn't know that I was a queen, so I didn't let it get to me too much...only a little bit.

6. The first time a guy tried to ask ME out on a date

The pickup line he used? "If water was beauty, then you'd be an ocean." Of course, I couldn't hear him the first three times he said it and then when I did hear it, I was like, "What in the damn hell are you talking about boy? You sayin' that I'm large like the ocean or something? Screw you!" Poor guy, he was just trying to flirt with me, but I was just trying to be an independent woman who don't need no man so he should have known better anyways.

So, the biggest lesson middle school taught me is to never wear Shape Ups while pretending to know who Lady Gaga is while asking a snot snacker out by humming Ode to Joy after getting rejected. Mic drop.

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