Sisters are annoying. In fact, there are many days we argue. Yet, more days than not, my sister is my best friend. I get to go through life with her right by my side. Through all the fights about clothes, the stealing of my dry shampoo, and all the other times you simply get on my nerves, I love you. I never want to experience life without you, because these things will happen.

1. There would be no one to hype up

My sister at her first conference as the graphic designer/advertising media creator

Tiffany Searles

When good things happen, you’re the first I tell. When good things happen to you, I’m the first to hype you up. I’m so proud of everything you do. You are wonderful and perfect.

2. The house would be quiet 

There would be no guitar strings strumming along to Aerosmith. There would be no laughter echoing in the hallways or singing in the bathroom. It would be too quiet without you. I would rather have us bickering.

3. The bathroom would be an absolute disaster

Hannah Porter

Let’s admit it, one of us is the “clean freak”

4. There would be no one to steal my food

Yes, those are my leftovers in the fridge. Yes, that's my ice cream.

5. I wouldn’t have grown up with my best friend

Hannah Porter

Imagine living in the same house as your best friend for your whole childhood and young adulthood (and possibly adulthood too if I don't get my life together).

6. There wouldn’t be any 2 a.m. conversations

You're there for the 2 a.m. conversations when I'm upset. You're the one I reach out to when I'm stressed (or the one I take out my stress on, my bad).

7. There would be no one to blast music with in the car


You're my forever favorite car-singing partner.

8. There would be no random check-ins. 

Thank you for just checking up, even if I get angry. I appreciate you.

9. There would be no one trying to tell us apart.

Hannah Porter

"OMG are you, twins?!" "Oh, I thought you were your sister.." and then you get the "'re related?".

We are not twins. We may look alike, but we are not twins.

10. I would probably have all my clothes in my own room.


My shirt is probably in your hamper.

11. Also, I wouldn’t have a second closet (AKA your room)

Your shirt is also probably in my hamper (or floor).

12. There wouldn’t be anyone to secretly text at parties


Because when shit goes down, we shit talk.

13. There wouldn’t be anyone to freak out with me when something good happens

You are always there to celebrate with me. You are always the first to smile and congratulate me. You are my biggest cheerleader and I will always be yours. For every accomplishment and for every milestone, I will be there.

14. There would be no food dates

Hannah Porter

You're always the one to suggest food with me (not complaining).

15. I wouldn’t have my own personal photographer (or hair stylist, or makeup artist, or event planner) 

I take for granted how much you do.

16. There would be no you, and that is something I honestly couldn’t live without.

Cary Porter

My sister is my best friend. Even though it might not seem like it some days, she always will be. I still check to see if you got home at night. I still gossip about boys with you, even though we are way past 16 years old. You will be my maid of honor when I get married, and I will be your first drunken speech at yours. My children will have the absolute best aunt in the world. Thank you, for being you. I never want to experience what life would be without you.