There are several different roles in each group of friends. You've got the basics: the loud one, the quiet one, the one with the significant other everyone pretends to like, and the partier. But perhaps the most important role of all is the mom.

A necessary clarification here is that the mom is not necessarily synonymous with the responsible one. Just as real moms come in all forms (wine mom, soccer mom, church mom, etc.) friendship moms do, too. However, there are a few things that truly define your mom-ness.

1. You've been called "mom" before.

Maybe you even secretly liked it.

2. Your bag is pretty much stocked.

You need Purell? Hand cream? A snack? A band-aid? Momma's got you.

3. Your hobbies include things along the lines of reading, crafting, and baking.

4. You're the first one your friends turn to when they need help.

"Wait -- how long is chicken supposed to cook again?"

5. And when you're asked for help, you tend to shoo them out of the way and just do it yourself.

6. Nothing gets you as excited as a good bargain does.

7. You're basically a free Uber ride -- always.

Sure, I can pick you up from work. But only if we can listen to the Lizzie McGuire soundtrack on the way home.

8. You're everyone's biggest cheerleader.

You got an A on your exam? Let me hang it on the fridge!

9. Your fashion sense has been the butt of many jokes before.

Comfort over style is the name of the game.

10. You love your friends as if they were your children, and you can't imagine a life without them.

Moms everywhere, rejoice. Your friends may tease you for keeping band-aids in your purse and having an overabundance of cardigans, but who else can handle a full course load, extracurriculars, carpooling, baking, and crafting? They need you. And you need them.