13 Signs You Drive A Fiat 500

13 Signs You Drive A Fiat 500

I promise that my car is actually bigger than a golf cart.

Being a Fiat 500 owner/driver is one of my favorite parts about my life. Friends, family, and strangers constantly compliment me and my car, always reminding me of how lucky I am to drive a Fiat 500 and how perfect the car fits my own personality. There's something special about the bond of a Fiat 500 and its owner. Below are thirteen signs that you drive a Fiat 500 and understand that your car couldn't be any more perfect for you!

1. Your friends and family have called your car a golf cart

"Your car is basically just a golf cart with an umbrella." - My many friends. Bonus: because my car is so small, they always get nervous and freaked out being in the car because they're afraid of being crushed in a wreck (even though it's an incredibly safe car, and I promise I'm not that bad of a driver).

2. It's bigger than it seems, and often what you can fit inside may surprise even you

Honestly, Fiat 500's look way smaller than they really are, but they surprisingly have a TON of room, especially when you fold down the back seats. So, you wanna stuff in that nightstand, TV, and a bunch of groceries, and maybe even a box of hand-me-downs, too? You got this.

3. But for things too big to fit in your car, friends or family with bigger cars are always helping you out

If my friend or famliy member has an SUV, a truck, or a van, you can bet they've probably had to pick up and/or drop off something too big to fit in my car for me.

4. You've crammed your car with people to the max AND shoved two poor souls in your back seat

I kind of especially feel bad for the friends and family members that are over six feet tall having to get into the back...sorry not sorry.

5. Whipping into parking spots is easy peasy

The turning radius on a Fiat 500 is so good, there's no way you can't just whip it in. Plus, three point turns basically don't exist when you drive a Fiat 500; it's called simply making a sharp turn around in the road.

6. And so is whipping in and out of lanes

I've cut off many unfortunate souls and almost hit the bumpers of others because my car can swerve in and out of small spaces on the road. Is it dangerous? Yes. Have I hit anyone doing so? No. And am I still alive? Yes.

7. Parallel parking isn't a problem because all you have to do is pull into the spot

I literally haven't parallel parked since I got my license, so...

8. You get excited when you see another Fiat 500 on the road

Especially before they got so popular, and I was one of the first in my county to own a Fiat 500 when they first came out several years ago, I would always get excited and wave to other Fiat 500 drivers, and often times, I still do.

9. It looks like a kitten, but it roars like a lion

The way the engine revs up when you even just barely press on the pedal makes it seem like you've actually got a fast and furious car. So, I like to use the analogy that my car may look cute and small, but it sounds like it's ferocious and big.

10. People always ask you about how it drives and how the gas mileage is

Around 28 city, 38 highway, and ya girl is averaging 32-34 on her own car's gas mileage. So yeah, it's pretty great, not to mention crazy fun to drive!

11. Strangers never hesitate to tell you how cute your car is

I've had several people tell me how cute my car is at red lights when they roll down their windows to shout at me about it, passerbys in parking lots, strangers at the gas station, etc. And it always makes me so happy to hear because damn right my Fiat 500 is cute.

12. You've had people call it a Volkswagen Bug or Mini Cooper...

I always suppress a rolling of eyes or a raised, irritated voice when I hear this because I can see where they're coming from, but at the same time, Fiat 500's are completely different and a million times cuter and cooler. than either of those other cars. Just saying.

13. You can't imagine ever driving a normal-sized car again

Seriously, when I drive friend's and family's cars (which are pretty much all way bigger, average-sized cars), I always get ridiculously nervous and quickly realize my depth perception for any car bigger than a Fiat 500 is way off. So, when my own Fiat 500 can no longer drive, you can bet that I'll just be getting myself another Fiat 500 and loving every minute of it.

Cover Image Credit: Ashlyn Ren Bishop

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3 Reasons Why Fine Arts Are Imperative To Society

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