Alright y'all please go watch this show. It's funny and cute and sad and oh so true all at the same time. Props to Hulu because they did an outstanding job with this series. This show spoke to me on so many levels it is insane.

For basically my whole life I've been bigger. Obviously, now that I'm working out and watching what I eat I'm losing weight and inches month by month. Even after I lose the weight I want to lose, I will still have a fuller figure and I'm OK with that. I think I was just naturally born with a bigger frame and curves. I will always have them.

Watching this show was honestly like watching my life unfold before my eyes. In the show, Aidy Bryant's character, Annie, is a fun loving, smart and funny young woman. She struggles with seeing her self-worth so despite not seeing her self-worth she dates and sleeps with men who don't treat her right. Hello, Palmer, you went through that phase 3 years ago.

In the show, she is not trying to change her body but she is trying to change her life. Her progression shows her becoming more confident than ever and that speaks levels to me. Now that I am finally becoming the confident women I always wanted to be, I binged the whole show in 24 hours (oops, not sorry). Seriously though, If you've ever been remotely having thoughts like this or you just need a reminder that you're beautiful in every way and you're smart and funny and awesome go binge this series!