Should 'Game Of Thrones' Be Canceled?
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Should 'Game Of Thrones' Be Canceled?

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Should 'Game Of Thrones' Be Canceled?


As another gruesomely enticing season of "Game of Thrones" comes to an end, fans everywhere set down their fandom #TeamDany shirts to asses the damage this season has had on our unprepared souls. During this time we mourn the loss of innocent characters such as Princess Shireen, which helps us put into perspective the many moments in which GoT made us grimace and say, "That's too much!" or, "STOP THAT RIGHT NOW!"

The law is that no character is ever safe, which has created a thick and fascinating storyline where literally anything is possible. And the writers, producers and cast members of the show have made sure anything, no matter how controversial, is fair game. They have unapologetically paved the way for an exhilarating storyline, disregarding numerous taboos and sensitive subjects along the way. The end result is both good and bad, because they produce excellent material that also entails a lot of controversy.

But this nasty combination leads us to ask the five season-old question: Have they gone too far? Social media surely thinks so.

1. Incest

Old news, I know. Since the first GoT episode, the series has sought to break the boundaries by coupling up the Lannister twins. Through this sick and twisted approach to "brotherly" love, the production brought to life a historically accurate depiction of medieval royal families. No great empire is a stranger to inbreeding. As a matter of fact, great royal families such as Cleopatra's Egyptian lineage and the York Plantagenets of England "would often marry members of their own family in a bid to preserve their royal lineage." While some might cringe at these characters' onscreen relationship (I am definitely included), the writers were just sticking to the historical realities of medieval society. It's not a personal attack or subtle propaganda for a twisted Lannister society, just historical accuracy.

2. Pedophilia

Recoil, fellow "Game of Thrones" fans! These are probably the most disturbing scenes on the series, and it all began with a little finger. This series is no stranger to unconventional relationships (Lannister twins, enough said), but the series' portrayal of Petyr Baelish's obsession with Catelyn Stark was taken to the next level when, after her unfortunate death at the end of season three, he became obsessed with Sansa Stark. The series had always hinted at Littlefinger's obsession with the young girl, but it became all too real when, in the fourth episode of the fifth season, he made a move. The reality and severity of the matter is that the series' portrayal of the situation was shown so explicitly on the show. And to make matters even worse, the series' ninth episode of the fifth season portrays Meryn Trant as a pedophile, causing the uproar amongst some of the fans.

But while the portrayal of these deplorable relationships seem to be unnecessary and too explicit for television, it has caused a rather unintentional outcome. On average, over 29 percent of sexually assaulted children are between the ages of 12 and 17. And, like most cases of sexual assault, fewer than 70 percent of cases are reported. It's true that the relationships portrayed by the series were uncomfortable and, at times, provocative. But GoT's attention to detail shed some light on a social problem that has otherwise gone under the radar, an action that certainly explains why the scenes might seem a bit too extreme.

3. Sexual Violence

During this closing season we got a little bit of everything, from violent weddings to sacrificial burnings and even a very anticipated dragon fight scene. However, ever since the airing of the episode Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken, which shows a graphic portrayal of Sansa's rape, some claim that GoT is a "series with an unfortunate and well explored history of using the rape of its female characters to shock, entertain, and force character development." The outburst of controversy began during the first season, when Daenerys' husband forced himself onto her. It escalated even further with a very precariously played scene on the fourth season, in which the incestuous twins were at it again and Jaime forced himself onto his sister Cersei. And finally, the internet blew up in exasperation with this last season's "Black Wedding," when Sansa Stark was sexually assaulted by her new husband.

It is true and inexcusable, the series has thrived on scenes that have portrayed an abuse that is nothing short of horrendous. But, on purpose or not, these scenes have given rape the attention it truly needs. On average, 68 percent of sexual assault cases are left unreported and, as a result, not given the necessary media coverage. So it may come as a surprise to see that these undoubtfuly crude and real depictions have sparked something that transcends television: social unrest.

"Game of Thrones" is certainly not for the faint-hearted. Ever since its first episode aired, the show has remained adamant on their belief that every situation is portrayed for a reason. At times it may seem a bit over the top, but it has never done anything without an underlying purpose. What other barriers will GoT break? We'll just have to wait until the next season. In the meantime, mend your broken souls, fans, because I'm sure it will only get more controversial and deadly.

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