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Senior Year As Told by Modern Family

Nobody mention the "G" word.

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1. Class starts earlier than noon.

Manny Modern Family animated GIF

2. You finish one homework assignment and take a semester long study break.

Luke Dunphy Modern Family animated GIF

3. The president says you need to attend more of your sorority's events.

Cam Cameron Tucker animated GIF

4. Freshmen ask you for help on their homework, but you never actually went to that class.

Modern Family Rico Rodriguez animated GIF

5. That girl you had a heart-to-heart with two years ago in the bar's bathroom recognizes you in public.

Modern Family Paget Brewster animated GIF

6. You have to "work it" for free drinks at the bar because you only had the $5 for cover.

Manny Modern Family animated GIF

7. You get your laptop out to do homework, but watch 12 episodes of Friends instead.

Modern Family animated GIF

8. You go to a mixer for old time's sake and forget how bad Crystal Palace actually is.

Modern Family animated GIF

9. The frat guys are only interested in the younger girls.

Cutie Lilly animated GIF

10. Then you realize they haven't been hit with the freshman 15 -- yet.

Julie Bowen Modern Family animated GIF

11. You go on a diet to finally lose your freshman 15.

Modern Family Tv animated GIF

...all bets are off after midnight.

12. There was a day you thought going to class drunk was a good idea.

Fall Jesse Tyler Ferguson animated GIF

13. You start to realize you are out of touch with the hip lingo. Can someone explain "groutfit" to me?

Modern Family animated GIF

14. You have to cook, clean and do laundry for yourself like a real adult.

Cam Cameron Tucker animated GIF

15. You host parties at your apartment.

Manny Delgado Modern Family animated GIF

16. You spend every weekend searching for the perfect date for your last formal.

Modern Family Tv animated GIF

17. You give drunk advice to naive freshmen.

Advice Lemon animated GIF

18. You try to justify your GPA because it's too late to change it.

Alex Dunphy Modern Family animated GIF

19. You send out hundreds of job applications and getting rejected from every one.

Life Modern Family animated GIF

20. Looking back on every college memory...

Modern Family Tv animated GIF

Corey is a senior studying Communications and Spanish. You can contact her at

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