10 Reasons You Need To See At Least One Concert In Your Life
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10 Reasons You Need To See At Least One Concert In Your Life

Honestly, there are a million, but these are the best reasons.

10 Reasons You Need To See At Least One Concert In Your Life
Kinsey Sturgeon

For most of human history, people have been gathering together to listen to and watch some sort of performance of some sort of song and dance. It is true across all times, place, and cultures, which is so cool. So it's no wonder that nowadays artists travel the whole world when given the opportunity to continue this tradition. I grew up on concerts, pretty much, because I was blessed, but I feel strongly that everyone needs to see a concert at least once. Also, I apologize in advance for all the terrible singing you're about to hear in these videos.

1. They're fun.


What other reason is there to do anything, honestly?

2. You get to see your favorite artist(s) live.

Taylor Swift, 1989 Tour


Anyone who's ever been to a concert can tell you that hearing someone on the radio or from an album is way different than hearing them in person.

3. You get a really cool, unique experience.


While all artists do have a pretty set-in-stone plan for their shows, it is also true that most artists will work in either a different way of performing a song, a guest artist, audience choice songs, or just have a conversation with the audience between sets. I've seen Taylor Swift four times now and every time, she has never failed to surprise and entertain me with new stuff.

4. There's nothing else in the world like it.

Band Perry and Taylor Swift, 1989 Tour


There is something about a venue filled with screaming fans, music that makes your whole chest vibrate, and your favorite artist that can't be replicated. I always judge how good a concert was by the feeling I have afterwards. If I'm a little dazed and have to blink a lot on the way out, it was amazing and I still can't get over it.

5. You meet so many people. 

Meeting Hunter Hayes, 2015


It's awesome to be in a place with people who all share the same interest as you and you can all agree it's amazing. While you will most likely never see these people again in most situations, they're always part of the stories you tell later--good or bad.

6. Anticipation.


The lead up to the big day is so fun. Figuring out plans, what you're gonna wear, listening to their music over and over again. Not to mention, once you get there, there's so much anticipation about what songs they will and won't play that you can't help but freak out a little when they play your favorite - especially if it's one that never hit the radio.

7. Rare merchandise. 

NF REAL hat from Kyle, NF, and Logic ; Bobby Tarantino Tour


Every concert I go to, I make sure to get some cool merch, usually some form of apparel. Most concerts have merch that you will never see that artist sell to the public. That stuff is usually just for the people lucky enough to get the tickets. So, yea, $30-40 is a lot for a t-shirt, but it's hella worth it.

8. So many pictures. 

Red Tour 2013 to 1989 Tour 2015


If you're a picture junky, a concert is the perfect place. When the lights are up, be sure to get some selfies of you and your crew to post or just keep. Once those lights go down though, get your camera ready because you will get so many cool shots, even if it's just zoomed in on some jumbo screen.

9. So many memories.

Brantley Gilbert 2018


Along those same lines, concerts usually come with a lot of cool memories and stories. Some of my best memories are at concerts with my mom or my best friends which is really cool. We'll have those experiences for the rest of our lives and I will tell the story of how Tim McGraw definitely touched my hand because he felt bad for me because my mom and her friend were being crazy forever.

10. Judgement free zone. 


Terrible singer? No worries. Can't dance? No problem! As long as you stay in your own area if you're in a seated part of a venue, it's all good. Want to scream so much you lose your voice? You're not the only fangirl or fanboy out there!

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