Top Secure Messaging Apps

Top 5 Secure Messaging Apps

What happens to message once you click send? Are your private messages even secure when data breaches are at an all-time high?

Tech companies have started to offer secure messaging apps, so that your personal information and messages won't fall in the wrong hands.


Whether you're concerned about your personal messages being read by hackers, government advertisers or the police, full encryption can protect your privacy.

The demand for secure apps have certainly skyrocketed in recent years, and it's no surprise that we're being spoiled with choices and promises of safety.

But from so many options, which secure messaging apps is right for you? Here is some additional info and insights on the most secure apps to help you decide:

Zangi Safe Messenger

With Zangi Safe Messenger's full encryption, your messages get securely sent to that one person (or group) you're communicating with, so only they can read your message. Nobody in between, not even Zangi, has access to your communications. Zangi, one of the most secure messaging apps, keeps your communications private by not storing anything on any servers and by not leaving traces on the Internet. The app works everywhere in the world. Even with crowded Wi-Fi or slow network, Zangi still promise to give you clean and uninterrupted video and voice calls.


Signal messages and calls are painstakingly engineered to keep your communication secure. They can't read your messages or see your calls, and no one else in between can either. To help you stay private, you don't need a login or password to sign up with Signal, your phone number is enough.


Everything in Telegram is encrypted using '256-bit symmetric AES encryption, 2048-bit RSA encryption, and Diffie–Hellman secure key exchange'. All messages in secret chats use end-to-end encryption, meaning only you and the recipient can read those messages. The desktop version is also available, which doesn't give any third party access to user data, but they do store some of it on their servers.


One of the most-used messaging apps among journalists and activists id Wickr, with end-to-end encryption for text messages, videos, pictures and voice messages. Manually delete sent messages or use the self-destruct time for sent messages. Deleted messages can never be recovered. To help you stay private, Wickr also supports screenshot protection so no one will be able to save screenshots of self-destructing messages.

I left the 5th one for you. :slightly_smiling_face: Share your opinion, which one you think is the best among secure messaging apps?

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Lil Dicky's 'Earth' Is The Most Influential Song Of 2019, Change My Mind

And the music video may be even better.


Lil Dicky is a known musician know for his songs 'Pillow Talking' and 'Freaky Friday' featuring Chris Brown. The songs are fun silly and are very catchy. Last week, Lil Dicky released a new song titled 'Earth' featuring about 30 plus artists including Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, Brendon Urie, Zac Brown Band, and many others. This song is just as enjoyable as his other songs; however, this one carries an extremely important message.

In this song, Dicky brings awareness to the condition of the Earth along with the idea of world unity. Through the inclusion of several animal species, he shows how the earth doesn't just belong to us as human, but to the animals as well. Oftentimes, the human race can be extremely selfish and forget that we do share the planet with other species who are just as important as us.

In one of his last verses, Dicky mentions the way we are harming the earth through pollution and fighting wars. This part of the song becomes more serious to emphasize the importance of this topic. In the music video, the colorful visuals turn dark and gray which can bring to attending the dying planet.

In his effort to save the earth, Dicky calls for unity among all countries and continents. Saying how all past issues are in the past and we all need to come together since we live on the same planet. With all the political issues happening on a global scale, the earth and its health are often pushed to the end of the priority list. By adding this part to the song, Dicky brings awareness of that topic back to the top.

'Earth' by Lil Dicky is the most important song of 2019. Through his creative artistry and inclusion of over 30 artists, people will notice the message of this song and hopefully begin to make changes that will impact the earth in positive ways. If you haven't watched the music video or listened to the song please do.

Earth is the only planet we have; thus, we need to show how much we love it by actually taking action to care for it.

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