13 Ways To Get Your Shit Together For Second Semester
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Student Life

13 Ways To Get Your Shit Together For Second Semester

And keep it that way.

Kaylee Smith
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Staying on top of things during college can be genuinely difficult. Here are 13 ways to do so.

1. Get in a routine


Whether it be making specific times to eat, shower, sleep or do laundry, daily routines can help in the long run.

2. Eat better


If you already feel lethargic, eating a diet that consists of junk food and carbs isn't going to help fuel your body properly.

3. Buy a hole punch


Nothing is worse than having a messy binder filled with papers. By using a hole punch, it can help papers stay in the rings of the binder while ensuring easy-access.

4. Re-arrange your room


A change of atmosphere can lead to a fresh start for the new semester.

5. Do homework in a consistent place


Finding one or two places to do homework will make it easier to put yourself in "work mode" opposed to doing it multiple locations. In addition, make it somewhere that isn't your bed. Although it may be comfortable, your bed should be your most "relaxed" space, not also most "stressed" spot.

6. Use a planner


The feeling of making a list and steadily crossing off each objective can make you feel even more motivated.

7. Prepare the night before


Setting out clothes, charging technology, and preparing things for the following day makes the next morning off to a good, not rushed, start.

8. Stay one-foot ahead


Life is unpredictable, so in the instance that something would happen causing you to be unable to do homework, always staying a week ahead (class permitting) will be a safety net for the semester.

9. Delete apps that are too time consuming


It's so easy to be distracted by our phones, but even easier to delete an app then re-download it that night, or whenever you have real time to be on it.

10. Utilize help


Whether it be a professor's office hours, a friend in your class, or a tutor, it's always best to ask for help than hurt your GPA.

11. Keep a tidy room


Being in a messy atmosphere will definitely make concentration harder. Cleaning has actually become fun for me after a long day of classes and studying.

12. Work hard until midterms


I'm not saying give up after midterms, but it's better to just focus on keeping your grades up post-midterm, rather than trying to figure out how to get them up.

13. Enjoy time off


If you're studying and working all week, you deserve a day or two off on the weekends, and shouldn't feel bad for it.

Some of these 13 ways were basic, some not. Either way, they should help you have a successful semester.

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