Electric Scooters Are Popping Up On College Campuses
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Motorized Scooters Are The Newest Trend Hitting College Campuses

Nobody asked for them, but they're here anyways. Electric scooters from competing brand Bird and Lime have begun appearing in major cities and college campuses across the county and government officials have had enough.

Motorized Scooters Are The Newest Trend Hitting College Campuses
Courtesy of @BirdRide on Twitter

Tech innovations move at breakneck pace nowadays and it's hard to figure out what's going to become the "next big thing."

Companies in the Silicon Valley seem absolutely infatuated with cramming tech and conventional modes of transportation together and seeing what happens. Uber and Lyft blew the doors wide open on the issue which eventually gave way to driverless cars and now HyperLoop technology (which Missouri may be getting a route which connects Kansas City to St. Louis).

But innovations, especially in transportation, can act as more of a flash-in-the-pan as opposed to a long-term, sustainable solution. Remember when "hover boards" took the world by storm in 2015? The sheer amount of media coverage that I saw surrounding these things was unprecedented.

It felt like every YouTuber and online personality was riding around their city on one of those things which only added to their popularity. Full Disclaimer: I would be a liar if I said I didn't spend dozens of hours figuring out how I could get one from China for cheap.

However, I really have no idea where Bird and Lime came from. I'd like to think I'm pretty well informed and that I'd at least hear some sort of rumblings or catch an article once in a while. I feel as if I just woke up one day and suddenly everyone was flying around on electric scooters.

The peculiar thing about these new electric scooters is the way they're picked up and dropped off. For instance, every Bird scooter is tracked by the Bird app, but there's no central location where they're located. Instead, the scooters can be dropped off anywhere. Which means Birds are left in the most random places on campus, and in some instances taken into houses and apartments.

Cities and college campuses are looking to take action against companies like Bird and Lime, often citing safety risks due to a low number of users wearing safety gear. The way I see it, however, why is it the companies who are being reprimanded for the lack of proper safety on the part of the user? An equal number of students and citizens ride bikes in a reckless manner and without safety equipment.

Whether or not these motorized scooters remain on campuses has yet to be seen, but it'll be certainly interesting to see what will take their place. If there's anything I know about college students, they're always looking for the fastest way to get around campus regardless of the method.

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