Saying Goodbye To Severus Snape
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Saying Goodbye To Severus Snape

The most influential fictional character to ever enter our lives may be gone, but he will never be forgotten.

Saying Goodbye To Severus Snape

Despite our highest hopes for 2016, the start of the new year has been hard on just about every muggle on planet Earth. At the beginning of this week, the world lost musical sensation David Bowie, and just when we thought cancer couldn't take any more of our heroes away from us, the legendary and extraordinary actor Alan Rickman passed away at the harsh and far too young age of 69.

Although he can be seen in several other movies, including the beloved Christmas classic "Love Actually" and the notorious action-packed series "Die Hard," there is no denying that Rickman will always be most prominently remembered for his epically dynamic character Severus Snape.

Those familiar with the complex Professor Snape can attest to the fact that he was one of the best parts of the whole entire Harry Potter franchise and the last piece of J.K. Rowling's intricate puzzle when she finally reached in HP's fantastic, heart wrenching, celebrated conclusion. In such, that the conclusion opened our eyes to the real Severus Snape that was there all along– right before our eyes–saving everyone else from the inevitable darkness.

*Warning: This article is about to get super nerdy, so if you're not down to reminisce on your childhood days, let yourself once again get lost in the world that Queen Rowling created for us on a cafe napkin, and get really emotional as you embrace the fact that you are still incredibly obsessed with Harry Potter and no, you are not okay because your favorite Slytherin is no longer with us, then please, do not continue reading.*

The final installment of Rowling's series was immortalized because, after years of watching the mysterious Snape exchange complicated deals with the devilish Death-Eaters, lurking through the walls of Hogwarts from his days courting Harry's mother all the way until his last days, the readers finally understood. In her final gift to her eternally faithful fandom, Rowling told us the truth about Professor Snape, and that's when it clicked.

In that moment, we all cried and hated ourselves for not seeing it earlier. We finally understood the unspoken secret about Professor Snape: all this time, he was the bravest and heroic wizard to ever grace the halls of Hogwarts. As we reflected on the world-renowned series that are deeply embedded in the roots of our childhood, that have become tradition, household names, the franchise that taught us the value and need for people to tell stories, we knew. The undeniable truth is that the reason we were able to appreciate Snape so fondly, fiercely, passionately, unwaveringly, and perpetually was because Rickman brought him to life for us.

Through his immense, immeasurable, and unsurpassable talent, Rickman breathed life, a true conscious and the strongest of emotions into a character that almost passed us by, but soon became the most treasured part of Harry Potter. Because without Rickman, there is no Professor Snape, and without Severus Snape, there is no Harry Potter.

So tonight, we raise our wands to an epic hero on an off the screen.

We celebrate Rickman, the ultimate jokester on set, (he put fart machines in the students of Hogwarts' sleeping bags), the most supportive and loving co-worker, (he attended all of Daniel Radcliffe's live shows), and the man who inserted meaning and humanity into one of the most perplexing characters of all time. For those of you who need some reminders, here's a few deeds our favorite professor committed that we will always love him for:

1. He taught us the true meaning of sacrifice.

2. He showed the world that being a good person is all that matters–what doesn't matter is who sees the good you're doing, but that you're doing it.

3. He allowed himself to be hated by almost everyone if it meant protecting Harry Potter (who also, coincidentally, hated him).

4. He swore allegiance to Lord Voldemort and risked his life acting a double-agent.

5. He murdered Dumbledore at the request of Dumbledore himself and barred the hatred that inevitably followed.

6. He devoted his entire life to protecting the son of the woman he loved and who never loved him back.

7. He made us realize that there is far more to a person than what we may initially think, and judging others without knowing their whole stories is unfair, and even dangerous.

8. He opened our eyes to the goodness in Slytherin.

9. He defined heroism and genuine bravery.

10. He pulled us deeper and deeper into a the Wizarding World, into a story far more complex than any of us could have ever imagined, and he MADE the series everything that it was. Snape is the backbone of Harry Potter.

After concluding the franchise, Rickman left readers with this final note:

"I have just returned from the dubbing studio where I spoke into a microphone as Severus Snape for absolutely the last time. On the screen were some flashback shots of Daniel, Emma, and Rupert from ten years ago. They were 12. I have also recently returned from New York, and while I was there, I saw Daniel singing and dancing (brilliantly) on Broadway. A lifetime seems to have passed in minutes.

Three children have become adults since a phone call with Jo Rowling, containing one small clue, persuaded me that there was more to Snape than an unchanging costume and that even though only three of the books were out at that time, she held the entire massive but delicate narrative in the surest of hands.

It is an ancient need to be told in stories. But the story needs a great storyteller. Thanks for all of it, Jo."

Without even knowing how complex and dynamic his character would become, Rickman delivered his lines so passionately and epically, always making us think deeper and questioning the truth about Professor Snape. I think I speak for every child on Earth when I say that I will always be eternally grateful for Rickman and Professor Snape, and I'm mourning a huge part of my childhood. From Snape I learned so much about myself, and the importance of not judging others. Rickman will go down in history as one of the most influential actors to ever grace the screens of Hollywood. And some years from now, when I read Harry Potter to my children, they'll ask me, "After all this time?"

And I will say, "always."

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