College Student Ruth George Was Killed By A Catcaller

On Nov 23, Ruth George's family filed a missing person complaint after she had not returned home from university. Her body was found by her sisters in her car parked at a University garage after they had tracked her phone. Security cameras caught footage of Ruth walking past a bus stop on her way to the garage when she was catcalled by a man from afar.

Ruth George did what any other woman in her place would and ignored the vile catcalls and continued to walk towards her car.

The catcaller, identified by authorities as Donald Thurman, who was still on parole from an armed robbery charge, infuriated by her dismissal of his approaches began to follow George to her car. According to authorities, he then attacked Ruth, holding her in a chokehold until it rendered her unconscious. He then allegedly sexually assaulted and killed her, all in the backseat of her own car.

There are no words to encapsulate the horrors of this event. Ruth was just trying to get to her car and go home. She was going through her routine as normal, and a piece of shit disguised as a human felt as if she owed him something. That she was obliged to reply to catcalls, that it was doing her a favor in doing so.

This goes out to all catcallers and men with this disgusting mentality — Women do not fucking owe you anything.

At all.

Under any circumstances.

You aren't doing us any favors by catcalling.

It is not flattering.

It is creepy.

It infringes on our safety.

A study conducted by Cornell University found that over 84 percent of women will experience catcalling and sexual harassment before the age of 17. In other words, almost 90 percent of women have to put up with this shit while they're still children. I was 9 years old when I was first catcalled.

There are men out there who are going to look for reasons to blame George for the incident. She must have been dressed provocatively. She should not have been alone. She should have smiled at her catcaller. She could have avoided this.

Well here's the truth. The blame should never lie on the victim.

Thurman is accused of raping and murdering an innocent, young woman who was just trying to mind her business and go home, and for what reason? Because his fragile and twisted ego was hurt. He allegedly took a 19-year-old's life to satisfy his own anger. It is beyond appalling. Women deserve to feel safe, just like men. We deserve to be able to carry out lives and not have to constantly worry about being sexually assaulted by deranged creepy men.

Ruth deserved to be able to go to her car, ignore unwanted advances, and not lose her life in the process.

Ruth was described as a selfless and caring "honors student who worked hard to achieve her passions."

Ruth aspired to become a physical therapist, to fulfill her dream of helping people.

Ruth's light will continue to shine on.

The family is accepting donations here.

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