Common Reactions From Everyone Currently Sitting In Rush Hour Traffic
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Common Reactions From Everyone Currently Sitting In Rush Hour Traffic

Are you sure I can't use the HOV even though I'm alone?

Common Reactions From Everyone Currently Sitting In Rush Hour Traffic

Thanks to the growing amount of people getting their licenses and the shrinking number of people losing them (cough cough, I'm looking at you, Gramps), our highways just can't seem to hold all of us. Not enough people take back roads and even less understand how to drive at all so the rest of us are stuck in the middle lane with 5 minutes to get to work and 20 miles worth of traffic to muscle through. Now, chances are we are all making the same faces and screaming at the same things the whole way there.

1. When the car in front of you seems to *forget* where their blinker is and what it's used for.

2. When the car behind you honks because you didn't signal - like who uses blinkers? You're fine.

3. When you slow down to let that driver over who just doesn't understand what merging even is or how to do it.

4. When someone flies around you only to cut you off and comes so close to hitting you that your car starts sweating oil...

5. Then you accidentally cut someone else off and they start giving you the bird, not to mention they look twice your size and probably have a gun under their seat.

6. When you're stuck behind someone going literally 5 mph

7. ...And they refuse to get over...for 10 miles...

8. ...So you just continue in your rage to inch closer to their bumper and scream at the back of their car.

9. Do we even need to mention tractor-trailers?

10. When you finally and barely make it to work on time.

*lays down in the middle of the room*

11. Then you realize you're going to have to do the same thing all over again at 5 o'clock

*sobs* Help me.

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