One of the best parts of summer, and the thing that always leaves you with lifelong memories, is going on vacation. While the vacations are always one of the highlights of the summer, getting there tends to be a different story. For however many hours it takes you're crammed into a car surrounded by your stuff and a lot closer to your siblings than you'd like to be.

The conditions might not be ideal, but hopefully, some of these 5 tips make your journey a little more bearable.


ALWAYS have something playing. It can be through your headphones or the car's speaker, but just have something on to distract yourself. If there's always something playing then you can easily zone out and forget the fact that you're trapped in a tiny box with your family for several hours.

Pro Tip: If you don't have unlimited data or you're not sure how the reception will be throughout the drive, buy something new on iTunes or download an album on Spotify before you leave.

Bring a Book

If you're able to read in a car then reading a book (or magazine if you prefer) is another great way to zone out. Not to mention if you start a new book right at the start of your trip it will give you something to do during your downtime in the hotel…or wherever you're staying.


Low power mode and a mobile charger (since you'll probably be exiled to the back seat– a.k.a no plug) will become your best friend. When all else fails your phone can keep you entertained for a while.

Pro Tip: Download some new games a day or two before you leave to get addicted to.


It doesn't matter if it's for real or you're faking it to get out of "bonding" time. Either way, if people think you're asleep they'll leave you alone. Also if you happen to fall "asleep" with your headphones on then you can really zone out (see #1).


When all else fails, try and keep your blood sugar up. Trust me this will help you from snapping at your loved ones in a spout of hangry-ness. Not to mention it's rude to talk with your mouth full.

Pro Tip: Always bring something cold to drink, since the packed car in the sun can get hot.