The Only Virtual Tour Of Robert Morris University Campus You'll Ever Need
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Student Life

The Only Virtual Tour Of Robert Morris University Campus You'll Ever Need

The Private University Located in Moon Township, PA

The Only Virtual Tour Of Robert Morris University Campus You'll Ever Need

To all Freshmen, welcome to Robert Morris University, and congratulations on becoming a colonial! You have made an excellent choice. RMU is not too small nor too big and yet, we have the resources of a large world class university.

We have a rich student life with 121 student organizations so that every student can be a part of a diverse campus life. The administration and the faculty has a strong commitment to student success and to the community.

The next four years will be filled with adventure, excitement, and growth. Do not take one moment for granted. Challenge and push yourself to achieve. Squeeze every experience like a sponge and use that to improve yourself.

I consider myself very lucky to study here. Allow me to take you on a tour of the beautiful RMU campus.

Sewall Center

Named after Charles Sewall (RMU's 5th president), this is one of the most iconic building in our campus. However, it will be demolished in Mid September to make way for the UPMC Events Center and People's Court which is expected to be completed in 2019.

Joe Walton Stadium and Athletic Building

This is the home of the RMU Football Team and where most athletic events take place.

Barry Center

This is where our very own law enforcement team is housed.

Revere Center

I am sure you are familiar with this building because this is where you settle your tuition and other financial obligations.


The library office hours are:

Monday - Thursday (7:30 AM - 10 PM)

Friday (7:30 AM - 5 PM)

Saturday (10 AM - 3 PM)

Sunday (CLOSED)

Patrick Henry Center

This is the center for academic affairs. You can also find the counseling center on the first floor.

Nicholson Center

This building houses the admissions office, cafeterias (Romo's and PNC Colonial Cafe), and classrooms.

John Jay Center

This is the center where science, engineering, and mathematics students congregate.

Benjamin Rush Center

Benjamin Rush is where students can get career and interviewing advice/information.

You can also find a RMU Map right beside Benjamin Rush.

For your convenience, I have attached a URL to the virtual map.


Wheatley Center

This houses the school of communications and information systems. There is also a cafe with a plethora of delicious food.

Scaife Hall

This building is the home of nursing students. It is also one of the newest facilities on campus.

Rogal Chapel

This is a non denominational chapel which is open and available to all faiths.

Franklin Center

It's used primarily for educational technology, classrooms, and Honors lounge.

Bronze Bob

This is the iconic statue of Bronze Bob. It is a symbol of student engagement and giving back to the community, and it is the official landmark of the RMU campus in Moon Township, PA.

Hale Center

This was constructed in 1970 and is now used for classrooms, cafeteria, and IT help desk.

Rudolph Family Gardens

The gardens are surrounded by the Business School, Massey Hall, and Lafayette Center.

Massey Hall

This is where theatrical productions and musical events take place.

RMU School of Business

Colonial Village

These three houses are what we call "The Global Village". The middle is where students can go to find and inquire about study abroad opportunities. The other two townhouses are where our Rooney International Scholars reside.

Recreation and Fitness Center

The facility on the campus is still under construction, but is expected to open soon.

Sand Volleyball Courts

In the summer, it's a popular hangout spot during spring and summer.

Jefferson Center

The center is used for student health services, vet's lounge, and fitness center.

Hancock Residence Hall

Hamilton Residence Hall

Washington Residence Hall

Salem Residence Hall

As Dr. John R. Bassett, RMU's former Vice President of Administration, once said, "Students are the foundation of our future. Strive to be the best you can be."

I hope you enjoyed the tour. GO COLONIALS!

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