Take a look back on this past year. What was the highlight of each month? What were your highest, most accomplishing moments? What were your lowest, dreadful moments? The past 365 days defined a huge portion of your life. Each moment that went by, you spent them all the way you wanted in that moment. As you rewind your last year, think of what you can make better and recharge yourself in those areas. As you enter into 2019, renew yourself with a fresh, clean slate.

Let's rewind.

January was when we made our resolutions. Whether it be to eat healthier, work out more, spend more time with family, or anything else, we created a goal.

February came and another Valentine's Day came by. Even if we didn't have a date, we thought about the ones we love in your life.

March rolled around, and we got to enjoy a Spring Break vacation, and some of even attempted a spring cleaning adventure.

April was when the rain poured and storms rolled through. Taxes were due and school years were beginning to come to a close.

May brought flowers and sunshine to begin the summer. More free time was allotted for activities like swimming and boating.

June was hot but not too hot for a beach trip or another vacation.

July allowed us to celebrate our independence we sometimes take for granted, and summer winded down to a close.

August brought a new school year with a fresh start for most and new opportunities ahead.

September showed us how to push through as school really got into full swing.

October opened up a new world of colors and changes called fall. We celebrated Halloween with costumes and parties.

November brought bonfires, s'mores, and hayrides to let us enjoy the cooler fall weather.

December ended the year out with Christmas and a break from the normal everyday lives we have.

Now that we have rewound on 2018, let's recharge and prepare for 2019.

Take a break. Think about what happened this past year. Read a book, watch a movie, or take a nap. Put our busyness aside for a bit and ponder our choices and actions from the past year. We've accomplished so much, but we've also failed. We have made good and bad choices. We finished another year and are preparing for a new one. How can we make the best of this new year and have a completely clean slate?

We can renew ourselves.

Make your resolution this year to become a better you. This resolution is realistic, and it can be accomplished with little effort and no extra supplies. By becoming a better you, you can change the mistakes or failures you made in the past years to renew yourself and mold yourself into a better, more accomplished and proud person. Renew big things such as personality traits, relationships, or decisions you haven't appreciated, but also renew small things such as clothes, habits, and meals. You choose your destiny and you make yourself better. Make yourself the best YOU there has ever been in 2019.