Replacement Glass Ideas for Larger Windows in Tall Commercial Buildings
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Replacement Glass Ideas for Larger Windows in Tall Commercial Buildings

Replacement Glass Ideas for Larger Windows in Tall Commercial Buildings

When it comes to windows for large sized and tall buildings like commercial buildings found in the city, a proper consideration needs to be made before taking the leap. Commercial buildings, as known to most of all, are very tall buildings (about 10 storeys and counting) with greater proximity to light source than any other building. They have better lightening coupled with an awesome landscape view of the environment. However, this cool attributes don't just all happen to be super perfect the way see them as they require the strategic placement of some other features before they can be the way they are. One of these features used in commercial buildings are large windows. Large glass windows strategically placed in different positions in a commercial building simply creates a special appeal to people who behold its interior. Large windows provide visual access to the outdoors of the building; they allow for the unmetered entry of natural daylight and also help maintain the proper inflow of fresh air. But, large size windows alone don't just do the trick, something else does. The proximity that appears to be between high commercial buildings and sun leads much more thermal intensity, high inflow of heat, and high intensity of light (glare). To do away with all these, it is necessary to consider the type of glass you use for your windows. The type of glass you choose for your commercial building will have a major impact on almost everything about the building. In order to avoid making the wrong choice when trying to get a window replacement glass, this article details in a clear and crisp manner, 2 of the best glass types to consider buying and why they are certainly best for use in high commercial buildings.

Custom Acrylic Glass Sheets for Commercial Window Buildings

The acrylic glass is an impact and weather resistant glass that is clear, crystal, and colored. The acrylic glass is also called PMMA and it is a general purpose, highly versatile glass sheet. Suitable for different types of applications, the clear acrylic glass sheet boasts of a high molecular weight that allows it for superior fabrication and forming. The acrylic glass is one of the best choices of every industry for displays, lighting and furniture. The acrylic glass sheet may be easy to fabricate in shape however, the features that makes it a great window replacement glass are discussed below.

Thermal Conductivity

The thermal conductivity of an acrylic glass is very low when compared to that of other glasses like the laminated glass. This very low thermal conductance of the acrylic glass provides it with a better chance of heat insulation. Since it takes time to conduct heat energy, the acrylic glass sheet can absorb a high amount of heat energy before it becomes thermally active. Its low thermal conductance also means no condensation and less heat loss to the environment.

Light Transmission

It is most definitely correct enough to say that the low thermal conductivity and high heat insulation strength of the acrylic glass are the least of it attributes. The acrylic glass transmits light better than an ordinary glass. Up to 92% of the visible light form the sun is being transmitted by an acrylic glass. Its large molecular weight makes it glare resistant and strong enough to bear high water pressure during heavy rain falls.

Stain And Blemish Resistance

When it comes to blemishes and stains control, the acrylic glass is the best. The acrylic glass is obviously not totally stain resistant but instead can be made free of all stains with a simple polish process. It is also important that guidelines be followed for better efficiency and to prevent damage.

Uv Resistance

The acrylic glass has a great reflecting power and high density which makes it so hard for the ultraviolet radiation of light to pass through into commercial buildings. The ability of the acrylic glass to counter high intensity UV radiation makes it a great antiglare material.

Beautiful and Privacy Enhancing Frosted Glass Windows

Frosted glass is an elegantly styled glass known for its superior privacy and remarkable versatility. Frosted glass is basically made through a process whereby the surface of glass becomes roughened and extremely dense. The frosted glass isn't a clear and crisp glass like the acrylic glass but it still stuns a valid amount to attributes that makes it best for use in high commercial buildings. These amazing attributes of the frosted glass are discussed below.

Easy To Clean

One very small but great advantage of using frosted glasses for large windows is there resistance to stain. The highly smooth surface of a frosted glass makes it friction resistant thereby preventing the permanent sticking of stains. It is tough and rugged, strong and dense and can with stand scratches of limited intensities. Once the face of a frosted glass winds up dull, simply pick a fiber cloth and wipe the glass surface.

Increased Light Transmission

In addition to easy cleaning, frosted glass allows for the inflow of a very large amount of light. The glass filters light entering into the interior and helps prevent UV radiation from causing any overtime damage. The frosted glass is ideal for use in commercial spaces as it gives way for a very productive environment by letting in filtered natural light that creates a refreshed atmosphere for workers to feel awake.

Promotes Privacy

If there is one thing everybody cherishes the most, it is their privacy. Privacy promotes intrapersonal closure; it makes us feel free to be ourselves and think for ourselves. Frosted glass blurred glass surface design that allows it to send in light from the exterior to the interior but prevent light from the interior to the exterior. Since little light flows from the interior to the exterior a blur and vague image is produced for external viewers. One of the best reasons to consider the use of a frosted glass is its ability to maintain light inflow and prevent light outflow.

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