I Refuse To Watch 'The Bachelor'

For the past several weeks, my news feed has been nothing but "The Bachelor" and let me tell you, I am SO over it. I really, really, really do not care. At all. Do you want to know why? Because it's ridiculous. A bunch of women go and compete for the love of some random guy they've never met and who isn't even planning on giving his undivided attention to any one woman. Seriously? Who in their right mind wants to "date" somebody who thinks this is the way to find true love and happiness?

I constantly see young women posting online about how they wish that "real dating" would make a come back, that they're tired of the hook-up culture and they just want an old-fashioned relationship...and yet, I see these same women obsessing over which girl is going to get the final rose. So you believe in old-fashioned relationships for yourself and not the women on this ridiculous game show? Talk about a double standard.

Plus, the "winner" just casually gets engaged to somebody they hardly even know? It takes time to really know a person well. Specifically, it takes time which is not manipulated and planned by a television producer. Television is acting, and if the person you're dating is just acting, how can you get to know their true character? (Honestly, for all we know, Corinne is the most lovable woman out there and she was just being dramatic for television audiences.)

"The Bachelor" isn't love. It isn't even "like". In fact, it's incredibly disrespectful to the women on the show. (For that matter, "The Bachelorette" is incredibly disrespectful to the men on that show.) There is nothing okay with one person, male or female, asking a bunch of other people to compete for their affection. This is not how you build a strong and lasting relationship.

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