10 Reasons You Should Work At Summer Camp
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10 Reasons You Should Work At Summer Camp

It can change your life.

10 Reasons You Should Work At Summer Camp
Adena Ruckoldt

I’ve grown up going to camp, but one of the happiest days of my life was the day I first got hired as a camp counselor at my camp. There are so many wonderful things about working at summer camp, but I’ve somehow managed to choose the top ten benefits of working at camp. If you haven’t experienced it yet, I hope this article inspires you to apply for your first camp job!

1. You get to see the growth of your campers.

Campers suddenly are away from their parents and living with a group of their peers. This can have some of the biggest effects on a camper’s personality. Perhaps at home, he/she is very shy, but at camp he/she becomes a leader. I’ve had campers that cried when their parents left, but by the end of the week, they were crying because they had to leave camp. Everybody changes at camp and it’s incredibly neat for you to realize the accomplishments your campers have, especially when you recognize that you had something to do with that.

2. You can make friends with internationals.

Most camps hire staff members from other countries. Not only do you get to help them explore the US of A, you also learn about their culture. Conversations soon become mostly comparisons of the different countries. One of my best friends lives in England, and at least once per conversation, we have to stop and ask what the other means, because our experiences are different. It’s also super funny to hear your campers try to mimic the international accents. Plus, when you finally start travelling the world, you can save money by couch surfing in the homes of your friends.

3. Work is fun.

You don’t have a desk. You aren’t buried in paperwork. You get to be in the great outdoors, laughing and playing, while making a difference in children’s lives. Does being a coffee gopher at an unpaid internship really sound better than that?

4. You get cool certifications and have the opportunity to participate in fantastic trainings.

You’ll definitely get first aid and CPR certified. But, you will probably have the opportunity to get trained in some awesome activities that you never even thought about. Because of camp, I’m a lifeguard, I became trained to lead archery, I earned my basic water rescue certification, I participated in fire extinguisher training, and I learned how to facilitate crate stacking. How many other people can say that?

5. Camp provides tons of opportunities to learn and develop new skills.

Of course, you’ll learn the basic stuff like how to tie certain knots, how to tie-dye, and how to lead games. But, you’ll also develop as a person. You’ll better your leadership skills by working with and leading children throughout the summer days. Your communication skills will also increase in strength, because planning with your co-counselors is very important in order to make camp go smoothly for the kiddos.

6. You get to cook outside.

If you don’t know how, you’ll learn. But, trust me when I say that eating meals made in the great outdoors is one of the most amazing things. There are so many ways to cook: dutch oven, stick, box oven, and tinfoil, just to name a few. My most favorite is pudgy pies cooked in a pie iron. It’s basically a personal pizza roll!

7. Love.

Your campers will absolutely adore you, and will probably ask if you can be their counselor next year. The other staff members will love you too. Camp friendships form quickly, and the bond is hard to break. You live with those people for a whole summer, it’s only natural that you all become a sort of family. Everyone cares about everyone, and it’s a giant love fest.

8. You get to be a kid.

Yes, you have actual responsibility. But, you still get to join in all of the songs, games, skits, and crafts. You are a role model for the kids, and they will do what you do. That means that you have to have fun, if you want them to have fun.

9. You receive a new identity.

Being a camp counselor is basically like being a superhero. You are responsible for keeping your campers happy, healthy, and safe. Your job is for them to have fun. Most camps use camp names. Your camp name is your new identity. It’s a chance for you to come out of your shell, get crazy, and show your campers the magic of camp.

10. Lifelong memories.

Even if you only work at camp for one summer, you’re guaranteed at least one crazy story that never gets old. It could be something funny that one of your campers said or did. It might be something spontaneous that happened that became the best part of your summer. Or, it could simply be a favorite camp song. One thing for sure is that you will not forget your time at camp.

Working at camp has changed my life. My friends have become my family, my camp has become my home, and my heart has been filled with so much love and joy all because of a job. I encourage each and every one of you to spend one summer working at camp. You never know, it could change your life.

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