Reasons You Should Not Move To New Jersey
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Reasons You Should Not Move To New Jersey

There aren't any...

Reasons You Should Not Move To New Jersey
NY Times

There is nothing wrong with New Jersey. When I mention New Jersey, the first thing out-of-state people say is, "OMG Ew, 'Jersey Shore' ew!!" As a matter of fact, New Jersey is one of the better states to live in. Still not amazed about how great New Jersey is? Well, maybe these 28 reasons may change your mind:

1. Diners Are the Only Restaurants You Ever Need

The Tick Tock Diner may be the diner that takes all the headlines and fame, but almost without exception, every diner in Jersey is amazing. I spent more time at the Chester Diner during high school than you can imagine.

2. Taylor Ham, Egg, and Cheese, Salt, Pepper, Ketchup on a Roll

We win. Every town has a debate over the best #6 around. And just to be clear, it’s not pork roll. WTH is pork roll? Ahh, you must be from South Jersey…

3. You Know in Your Heart North Jersey Is Way Better than South Jersey.

I’m kinda biased. I grew up in Mendham. Near Morristown. The better half of Jersey. 😉 A legitimate point of contest is exactly where South Jersey starts. That’s a debate for someone above my pay grade.

4. The Bagels

New York may think they have the best bagels, but that’s only because they are too stuck up to come across the bridge. O Bagel in Basking Ridge is my current obsession, but I’ve heard good things from friends about bagels at Bagel Pantry in South Plainfield.

5. No Pizza Compares to NJ Pizza

Deep dish pizza isn’t pizza; it’s sauce bread. California Pizza Kitchen is a crime against humanity. Every town has quality pizza, but check out Sam’s Pizza Palace down the shore or Star Tavern in North Jersey.

6. It’s Called the Garden State for a Reason

Fresh NJ corn in the summer at the shore? Yes, please.

7. You Went to the Shore Every Summer as Much as Humanly Possible

Only the shore can get me off my NJ food rant. Whether it be the boardwalk at Point Pleasant, the state beach at Seaside Heights, or LBI, everyone has their own personal shore dream destination.

8. You Know the Cast of Jersey Shore Is from Freakin Staten Island

Get your GTL the hell out of here. K thx bye.

9. You Let People Judge NJ by the Turnpike and Parkway Near New York City & Newark

Their ignorance is our gain. And I actually have pretty good associations with the smell of the area because of a certain nearby attraction…

10. You Know the Giants and Jets Are Actually New Jersey Teams

They should really be called the New Jersey Giants and the New Jersey Jets. It has a much better ring to it. That and New Jersey clearly houses the stadium.

11. Kenyon Martin, Jason Kidd, and Richard Jefferson Were the Original Big Three

Lebron and company might be better, but New Jersey had the original big three. Brooklyn can never take this from us.

12. The Greatest Team Ever to Win the Little League Series Came from Toms River, NJ

I remember thinking there would never be another little league team like Toms River. And I was right.

13. It’s a Common Fact that Boston SUX

You can get the hat here. There’s nothing to like about Boston. The Red Sox, Patriots, Bruins, and Celtics. Not to mention their god forsaken accent. Speaking of accents…

14. It’s Pronounced Mario Not Maaaario

Why do so many people have such a hard time pronouncing the famous plumper’s name correctly?

15. Jersey Girls Don’t Pump Gas

State mandated employment helps everyone.

16. The Liberty Science Center = Real Life Magic

Class trips. Life-sized mouse trap games. Touch Tunnel. Over three stories of magic. Take me to the Liberty Science Center, please.

17. The Teachers’ Convention in November Means New Jersey Goes to Florida

The only question is exactly where to go in Florida.

18. Bruce and Bon Jovi Are Gods Among Men

When was the last time you didn’t sing-a-long, word-for-word, to “Livin’ On A Prayer” and “Born to Run”?

19. PNC Bank Arts Center Is a Rite of Passage

If the Meadowlands wasn’t the spot for your first concert, chances are PNC took the honors. I hate concerts and I’ve been here for a concert — three times.

20. WaWa Isn’t Just a Store, It’s a Way of Life

Sorry 7/11.

21. You Know What Exit You Lived Off the Parkway

Every true NJ native lived off an exit on the parkway… Except for me… I lived off of 287.

22. NJ Is the Only State that Can Elicit a Cheer at a Bar from Every True Blood

There’s no other state allegiance like it.

23. We All Know, Everyone Actually Wants to Live Here.

It’s the most densely populated state in the country. Rhode Island takes a distant second.

24. Why Would You Want to Live in New York City When You Have this In Hoboken for 1/2 the Price?

Hoboken not your first choice? Then check out Jersey City, Fort Lee, or any other town off NJTransit.

25. We Aren’t All in the Mob

The Sopranos was a TV show…

26. Oh Yea, I Haven’t Even Mentioned Frank Sinatra Yet

The Voice
La Voz
Chairman of the Board
The Sultan of Swoon
Ol’ Blue Eyes

27. We Have Our Own Devil

They teach this in school (4th grade). It must really exist.

28. And, Again, for Emphasis, the Shore Is the Greatest Place, Ever

New Jersey never gets the attention or appreciation it deserves. We may be small but we sure are mighty!!

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