Reasons Why Music Festivals Actually Suck
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Reasons Why Music Festivals Actually Suck

Music festivals are not what they're racked up to be.

Reasons Why Music Festivals Actually Suck


1. Being Outside

Music festivals are outside in the sweltering hot sun where it's easy to get dehydrated and sick. You're constantly being smushed against other people and catching whatever germs they're carrying. And you'll also see medical tents all over the place and unconscious people being dragged in and out.

2. Porta potties

Just. Ew.

3. Waiting

If you wanna get up close to see your favorite band then you're gonna have to watch the two artists that come before them and push your way to the front.

4. Bad security

The securities at music festivals are the worst! And it's not their fault that they have to check thousands of people at the entrance. However, that also makes it super easy to sneak in all sorts of dangerous stuff.

5. Litter

Have you ever looked back at the state of the park or field after a music festival? The litter people leave behind is absolutely atrocious. You walk in to a very clean, cared for space and you leave it a mountain range of garbage.

6. Overpriced food and drinks

They won't let you bring in any food or drinks and if you try to buy food/drink inside, you'll find yourself paying $4 for watery lemonade.

7. Scheduling conflicts

Music festivals have a variety of artists performing but the downside of it is that there are multiple stages and sometimes, more than one of the artists you want to see are playing at the same time. For example, people were upset at the 2018 Music Midtown lineup for putting headlining artists such as Post Malone and Fall Out Boy on at the same time.

8. Not being able to hear the music very well

Unless you're at the very front, the sound will probably be distorted which is awful because isn't the point to see these artists live?

9. Phone doesn't work

There are so. Many. People. And they are all trying to use their phone at the same time so the phone service is terrible. What if there's an emergency? Too bad, no one can reach you.

10. Not bad-weather proof

If it rains and the field gets muddy as you get all wet? Too bad.

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