College is the perfect time to travel the world and discover new people and places. Traveling is exciting and can be a life-altering experience. However, with all the new places, people and experiences, the best thing can be having someone familiar by your side. The following is a list of reasons why traveling with a friend is the best way to explore!

1. Safety in numbers.

2. Having a familiar face everywhere you go.

"You’ve got a friend in me."

3. Spending less money on hotels/hostels and food.

4. You help each other pack for travel, so you do not forget anything vital.

5. Having someone to help pass the time during boring or stressful flights

6. Having a personal photographer everywhere you go.

It’s nice when not every picture has to be a selfie.

7. If you get lost, at least you aren’t alone.

If you are directionally challenged, having an extra set of eyes can be a life saver.

8. Two brains are better than one to get out of a sticky situation.

9. Having someone to jam out to good music with during your down time.

10. If things get stressful, you have a shoulder to lean on.

11. They can stop you from spending all your money on touristy knick-knacks.

12. Lastly, when all your traveling is done, you aren't alone in your exhaustion.