10 Things To Read When You Forget To Put Life In Perspective

10 Things To Read When You Forget To Put Life In Perspective

Things I really think you should know today.

Danielle Fowler

Some days you just need the subtle reminders to get you through the obstacles that have come into view. You are in search of the right words, the warm embrace, or the reassurance that today is going to be okay. Heck, it may even be a great day! For the days you don’t know where to look, the moments that you wish you had these little words at the touch of your fingers, here you go:

1. Today is only one small piece of your journey, but indeed, it is still a part of your journey.

Whether today was amazing or quite the dull 24 hours, I must remind you this is only a fragment of your time on this earth. Though most importantly, it is a valuable 24 hours contributing to the development of this creature that is you. The mountains and the valleys, make of them what you will, but understand that each and every moment impacts you in ways you may not be able to see with the naked eye.

2. Incredible things will happen when they are intended to.

Life bears its many seasons, some rainier and windier than others, but each comes at times that shape your growth. You may not see it in the moment, in fact, it is likely that you will be blind to its impacts, but you will have the epiphany. You will sit and brainstorm why such events occurred as you are being led down a diverted path that perhaps you would have never stumbled upon if it were not for that unexpected season of life.

3. I beg of you, do not wait on those who do not wait for you.

Your heart likes to latch onto the familiar, the intriguing, the people who make it feel at home. Perhaps they bring forth such joy, but please evaluate the reciprocity. If the give and take are present, if they wait for you as you scramble to make amends of the messiness before you, keep them. Invest in them. They value your being in all contexts. If you see yourself placing more of your heart in them than they put of theirs in you, it is valuable to consider that you deserve better.

4. Sometimes timing just sucks.

There are people, plans, places, opportunities that seemingly look perfect on paper. They check all of the boxes. You’ve probably even dreamt of the hypotheticals involving them; however, if the timing is not right, it is not right. You will be pushing against a far greater force than you can imagine, one very much out of your control. Shed the disappointment and understand that better things are on their way.

5. I think you look wonderful today.

Really, I do.

6. You don't need to do it all.

I think the world expects you to be a balancing act. People hold you to this ridiculous standard that you should know how to do it all. Newsflash: take that heavy weight off of your shoulders and understand that you are only one person. You have interests, you have talents, you have specific places to invest your heart and soul. Wouldn't you rather place that heart in an area you can devote the most time and effort to instead of trying to ration? I think you know the answer.

7. Hold tight to what is yours and let free what is not.

If it is meant to be in your grasp, it will not leave you. If it leaves you and it is meant to be, it will find its home again. If it is fleeting, if it is flighty, if it is consistently distant, you do not want it anyways. Think of yourself in a place that did not feel like home to you; now let that thing go that you think is perfect for yourself. Perhaps its home is not with you. Perhaps your home has something even better suited for you than you could ever imagine.

8. Cookie dough really is the cure for it all.

What salmonella? There's nothing a spoonful of raw cookie dough can't mend.

9. Swimming through thoughts is necessary.

To sit with your own cognition is to understand it all; all that you are, the paths you've walked, your worries, your fears, your confusion, all of the things you want to be, all of the feats you would like to conquer. When it becomes overbearing, you must take the time to ration through these currents. Find what weights you down. Discover what brings you the utmost joy. Face these creatures at surface level.

10. Your day will follow the way the corners of your mouth turn, and I hope that it is always upwards.

As you carry your grateful heart forth into the world of unknowns, I hope a smile graces your face, indicating the pride you should feel in where you have been and all of the places you have yet to go. That is not to say you are not entitled to feel other emotions, but as your frown emerges across your complexion, you must take the time to feel what you feel, and understand, things will only go up from there.

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